Ocean Forecasting Systems

Development and improvement of Ocean Forecasting Systems demands an international approach. GODAE OceanView provides a forum for national forecasting centres to communicate and exchange knowledge and expertise.

Ocean Observing System

Ocean observations (from space and in-situ) allow us to measure and understand what the ocean is doing which provides essential input to analysis & forecasting systems. GODAE OceanView invests in studies to learn more about the utility of ocean measurements and measuring instruments to improve the Ocean Observing System.

Marine Applications

Climate and seasonal forecasting, navy applications, marine safety, fisheries, the offshore industry and management of shelf/coastal areas are among the beneficiaries of GODAE OceanView, e.g. for providing the tools & models of tracking drifting objects in search & rescue operations at sea.

Next generation of ocean scientists

GOVST is strongly supporting outreach activities and is investing in the organisation of summer schools and workshops to train and integrate the new generation of ocean scientists.

GODAE OceanView continues the legacy of GODAE in providing coordination and leadership in consolidating and improving global and regional ocean analysis and forecasting systems.

GODAE OceanView Principle Sponsors

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