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Transitioning from GODAE OceanView to OceanPredict

Full integration of GOV achievements and expertise into an "Observation to End-user" value chain


The GODAE (Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment) concept emerged from discussions of the Ocean Observation Panel for Climate (OOPC). The concept was developed in the belief that attracting the resources necessary for an adequate long-term global ocean observing system for monitoring the ocean depends upon a clear demonstration of the feasibility and value of such a system (Smith and Lefebvre, 1997). Using the First GARP Global Experiment (FGGE) as a model, OOPC proposed GODAE as an experiment in which a comprehensive, integrated observing system would be established and held in place for several years and the data would be assimilated into state-of-the art models of the global ocean circulation in near real-time (GODAE Strategic Plan, 2000).

GODAE finished in 2008 after a decade of successfully developing tools and demonstrating the utility of the ocean observing system for assimilating observations into state-of-the-art models of the global ocean circulation in near real-time (quote 2008/2009 Oceanography papers). After consultation with the scientific community and the stakeholders in observing systems and operational oceanography at the time it was decided that a continuing initiative was needed to further mature the underpinning science of operational oceanography in support of an enhanced utility of associated products to end users, building on the legacy of GODAE.

This next phase saw GODAE OceanView (GOV) playing a major role in the development of global operational oceanography capability. During the last 10 years (since 2009) global modelling and data assimilation systems were progressively improved, implemented and inter-compared. In-situ and satellite data are now routinely assimilated in global and regional ocean models providing an integrated description of the current and future ocean state. Observations, analysis and forecast products are readily accessible through major data and product servers, providing utility for many different applications, from marine environmental monitoring, weather forecasting, seasonal and climate prediction, ocean research, maritime safety and pollution forecasting to defence, oil & gas industry and fisheries management.


The OceanPredict represents a third phase of GODAE, which will see full integration of GODAE and GOV achievements and expertise, and deepening of our partnerships with GOOS, ET-OOFS and GEO  Blue Planet, to contribute to a value chain from observations, data and information systems, predictions and scientific assessments, to end users, with the aim to promote the use and impact of observations and ocean predictions for societal benefit, and to increase visibility of operational oceanography advances.