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Roles and responsibilities


It is envisaged that the GODAE OceanView Science Team (GOVST) will coordinate a programme of activities implemented through the nationally funded activities of its members.

The GOVST will provide a forum where the main operational and research institutions (national groups) involved in global ocean analysis and forecasting develop collaborations and international coordination of their activities. The primary purpose of the team is to accelerate the improvement and exploitation of these systems through exchange of information and expertise and the coordination of joint assessments. The science team consists of scientists leading the scientific development of the major national ocean analysis and forecasting systems, those implementing and improving the system (expertise for this area includes observation, modelling and data assimilation) as well as representatives of key observing systems (e.g. Argo, GHRSST and OST science teams).

The GOVST is responsible for:

  • Leading and managing the execution of the GODAE OceanView Programme
  • Promoting the development of improved capabilities in ocean analysis and forecasting
  • Developing collaborations and improved communications between the participants in GODAE OceanView
  • Evaluating scientific and technical developments to optimize the use of knowledge and technology in GODAE OceanView implementation
  • Reporting on national activities related to GODAE OceanView. Maintain an up-to-date description of national capabilities related to ocean analysis and forecasting (national reports)
  • Liaising with other international programmes of interest to and interested in GODAE OceanView


GOVST activities will be supported by the GODAE OceanView Programme Office (GOVPO). The GOVPO will provide a central point of coordination, information exchange and communication between GOVST members to facilitate and enhance activities of the science team, to support communication between the co-chairs and the Patrons’ Group and to provide support for the GODAE OceanView task teams in their activities. It is anticipated that the Programme Office will be supported by the GODAE OceanView Patrons’ Group in question of advice and advocacy and through regular financial contribution from the Patrons’ Group member organisations.

The tasks of the Programme Office are to:

  • Facilitate and support the GODAE OceanView Science Team and its task teams in their various activities including in the monitoring of progress and achievements;
  • Organise GODAE OceanView events
  • Develop, maintain and update the GODAE OceanView website, distributing material on GODAE OceanView and GOVST & TT publications;
  • Prepare and publish GODAE OceanView reports, as appropriate;
  • In collaboration with the GOVST and the Patrons’ Group, promote the practical benefits and objectives of GODAE OceanView among the operational and research communities (e.g. brochure)
  • Manage GODAE OceanView budget and review of financial situation


The GODAE OceanView Patrons’ Group consists of representatives of those agencies or groups which are well placed to provide guidance to the members of the science team or be kept informed of its discussions and to provide resources for GODAE OceanView activities.

The specific tasks of the Patrons group include to:

  • Provide visibility for and promote the value of GODAE OceanView and its activities;
  • Provide a focus for national participation in GODAE OceanView;
  • Obtain or provide appropriate national and international resources for GODAE OceanView;
  • Provide advice to the GODAE OceanView Science Team on matters of resources, international coordination and funding priorities.
  • Assist the GODAE OceanView Science Team in questions of advocacy for the ocean observing system and enable the ocean community to speak with one voice on this issue