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Event Registration

For enquiries about this event please contact:

Kirsten Wilmer-Becker   Email: [email protected]   Tel:   URL: http://https://www.godae-oceanview.org  

Event and registration details:

Registration and abstract submission

for the COSS-TT meeting 2020

7th International Coordination Meeting  (ICM7)


To register for the ICM7 meeting in Montreal, Canada on 27-30 April 2020, and to submit your abstract(s) please complete the form below. All questions marked with * are mandatory.



Registration fee: We are planning to charge a registration fee to cover costs for lunches (and possibly cost for the dinner/transport). We are still discussing the level of payment required. All other costs like meeting room hire, IT and coffee breaks will kindly be covered by our host ECCC. The fee payment process will use a separate system so payments can be made online. Further information about the process and payment deadlines will be provided asap (not yet available).


Abstract submission:


The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 24 January 2020.

When submitting your abstract below please make sure that you indicate your preference for oral or poster presentation and also the theme category (1-4; table below):


Theme 1Science in support of Coastal Forecasting: Scientific advances in support of Coastal and Regional Ocean Forecasting Systems (R/COFS), including process understanding and interactions (land-sea, atmosphere-ocean and currents-waves), modelling advances, model evaluation, uncertainty quantification, probabilistic approaches, and observing system evaluation (such as Observing System Simulation Experiments).
 Theme 2Coastal and Regional (pre-)operational ocean forecasting systems and applications: System descriptions and updates; requirements for real-time operations and forecasts (incl. model details, open boundary conditions, river outflow, atmospheric forcings); assimilation and verification in those systems; coastal forecasting system applications, user- and citizen-oriented products and uptake in coastal regions.
Theme 3(SPECIAL TOPIC) Seamless integration between Coastal and Regional systems (R/COFS under COSS-TT) and Large scale systems (LOFS under OceanPredict): Nesting and downscaling in LOFS, fitness of large-scale solutions to force regional/coastal model open boundaries, verification of large-scale solutions in coastal regions, comparison of solutions of nested (R/COFS) and outer (LOFS) models over the same domain, advances in seamless integration of models, data and systems, and demonstration of value added through one-way and two-way nesting.
Theme 4Synergy between altimetry and modelling in coastal regions, with the following themes: up-to-date and future altimeter products presentation; complementarity with in situ data; data assimilation and modelling use cases for regional/coastal oceans; coastal/off-shore signal continuity.





The deadline for registration is 13 March 2020

Registration is mandatory for all attendees.

If you like to attend the meeting, but do not want to submit an abstract you can register up to the 13 March 2020. In this case please leave the form field related to abstract submission blank.


Registration fee

We are intending to ask for a registration fee to cover costs for lunches (and potentially dinner/transport). We will let you know asap. All other costs like meeting room hire, IT and coffee breaks will kindly be covered by our host ECCC.


Social events

We are planning to organise a reception (tbc), and dinner, but no tour.

Please complete the social event questions below accordingly.



Important additional information:


Personal data protection

Please note that for the purpose of organising this event, GOV will need to share your personal data with the meeting host at ECCC. Your details will be exchanged by email using encrypted files, so only OceanPredict and the host will be able to access the information. Your details will be stored for a limited time (up to two years) by the OceanPredict programme office so you can be informed about the outcome of the current COSS-TT meeting and plans for the next meeting.

By registering for the COSS-TT meeting in Montreal (April 2020) and submitting your details, you are agreeing to OceanPredict processing your data in the described way. If you have any questions, or would like to withdraw from this process, please send an email to the OceanPredict programme office where we will be very happy to help you resolve any concerns.

With this process we follow the "General data protection regulation" (GDPR) recently introduced by the EU.


Thank you for your interest!




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