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Mercator Ocean Newsletter 39

Date added: Thursday 27th January 2011

The latest Quarterly Newsletter (October 2010) is now available and devoted to recent studies on the MyOcean Physical Systems within the Regional Seas.

This month’s newsletter is devoted to some of the regional seas within the MyOcean project http://www.myocean.eu/ and to the numerical systems that allows describing the ocean physics in those areas. A focus is here put on the Black Sea area, the Atlantic- Iberian Biscay Irish- Ocean as well as the Atlantic- European North West Shelf- Ocean, with the description of new products that will be part of the MyOcean catalogue from June 2011.

The newsletter can be downloaded from http://www.mercator-ocean.fr/documents/lettre/lettre_39_en.pdf (3.1MB)

The following articels are included:

  1. The FERRYBOX component in MYOCEAN
    By Dominique Durand, Are Folkestad, Kai Sørensen

  2. The new regional generation of Mercator Ocean system in the Iberian Biscay Irish (IBI) area
    By Sylvain Cailleau, Jérôme Chanut, Bruno Levier, Claire Maraldi, Guillaume Reffray

  3. The MyOcean Black Sea from a scientific point of view
    By Sergey Demyshev, Vasily Knysh, Gennady Korotaev, Alexander Kubryakov, Artem Mizyuk

  4. NEMO-Shelf, towards operational oceanography with SST data assimilation on the North West European Shelf
    By Enda J. O’Dea, James While, Rachel Furner, Patrick Hyder, Alex Arnold, David Storkey, John R. Siddorn, Matthew Martin, Hedong. Liu, James T. Holt

  5. Notes


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