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Mercator Ocean Newsletter 40

Date added: Thursday 19th May 2011

The latest Quarterly Newsletter (January 2011) is now available and devoted to the MyOcean numerical ecosystem models. Focus is put on the Global Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea as well as on the Arctic Ocean, with the description of products that are or will be part of the MyOcean catalogue (http://operation.myocean.eu/web/24-catalogue.php).

The next April 2011 issue will be a special publication with a common newsletter between the Mercator Ocean Forecasting Center in Toulouse and the Coriolis Infrastructure in Brest, more focused on observations.

The newsletter can be downloaded from http://www.mercator-ocean.fr/documents/lettre/lettre_40_en.pdf (3.6MB)

The following articels are included:

  1. Integration of biogeochemistry into Mercator Ocean systems
    By Abdelali Elmoussaoui, Coralie Perruche, Eric Greiner, Christian Ethé, Marion Gehlen

  2. Operational forecasts of the biogeochemical state of Mediterranean Sea
    By By Anna Teruzzi, Stefano Salon, Giorgio Bolzon, Paolo Lazzari, Simone Campagna, Federico Ficarelli, Cosimo Solidoro, Alessandro Crise

  3. The MyOcean Black Sea coupling of dynamics and ecosystem
    By Victor Dorofeev, Temel Oguz , Tatyana Churilova, Vyacheslav Suslin , Aleksandr Kubryakov, Gennady Korotaev

  4. Arctic Ocean ecosystem modeling in MyOcean
    By Annette Samuelsen and Laurent Bertino

  5. Notes


All the Mercator-Ocean Newsletters are available at: