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Mercator Ocean Newsletter 46

Date added: Friday 23rd November 2012

The latest Quarterly Newsletter 46 (October 2012) is now available.

This issue is dedicated to NEMO which is the European Modelling platform for ocean research and operational applications. NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) is a software for numerical simulation of the ocean. NEMO is available under free license and is constantly improved to stay as near as possible to technical needs and breakthroughs of research and operational projects. NEMO is in use in a wide variety of applications including oceanographic research, operational forecasts of the ocean and seasonal weather forecasts or climate change studies. The NEMO ocean platform is  widely used in the framework of the MyOcean. Its three main components are: the "blue ocean" NEMO-OPA which simulates the dynamics, the "white ocean" NEMO-LIM which simulates the sea-ice and the"green ocean" NEMO-TOP which simulates the biogeochemistry. Some other components allow data assimilation or grid nesting. NEMO also includes interfaces for ocean-atmosphere coupled configurations using the OASIS coupler. A number of "reference configurations" are also available to set up and validate implementations, so as pre- and post-processing tools. All of NEMO and its documentation are available on the NEMO website http://www.nemo-ocean.eu/.



The newsletter can be downloaded from the Mercator Ocean Newsletter website.


The following articels are included:

    1. NEMO for dummies
      By C. Lévy and R. Benshila


    1. NEMO organisation
      By C. Lévy and R. Benshila


    1. Coupled physical-biogeochemical ocean modeling using NEMO components
      By M. Gehlen, A. Yool, M. Vichi, R. Barciela, C. Perruche, A. El Moussaoui and C. Ethé


    1. Toward a data assimilation system for NEMO
      By P.-A. Bouttier, E. Blayo, J. M. Brankart, P. Brasseur, E. Cosme, J. Verron and A. Vidard


    1. NEMO in MyOcean Monitoring and Forecasting Centers (MFCs)
      By E. Dombrowsky, L. Bertino, J. Chanut, Y. Drillet, V. Huess, A.  Misyuk, J. Siddorn and M. Tonani


    1. NEMO: the modeling engine of global ocean reanalyses
      By N. Ferry, B. Barnier, G. Garric, K. Haines , S. Masina , L. Parent, A. Storto , M. Valdivieso, S. Guinehut and S. Mulet


    1. MED12, oceanic component for the modeling of the regional Mediterranean earth system
      By J. Beuvier, C. Lebeaupin Brossier, K. Béranger, T. Arsouze, R. Bourdallé-Badie, C. Deltel, Y. Drillet, P. Drobinski, N. Ferry, F. Lyard, F. Sevault and S. Somot


  1. NEMO for climate modeling
    By E. Guilyardi, G. Madec, C. Lévy, C. Harris, W. Hazeleger and E. Scoccimarro





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