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International organisations

Over the last 15 years, a global ocean observing system (in-situ & remote sensing) has been progressively implemented. The system, primarily designed to serve climate research, is used as a backbone for most operational oceanography applications. Although significant progress has been made (e.g. Argo are outstanding successes), sustaining the global ocean observing system remains a challenging task. There is also a pressing need to develop further regional and coastal components and to extend capabilities to observe biogeochemical parameters.

This endeavour is clearly beyond the scope of national ocean analysis and forecasting teams and involves major international or intergovernmental support (e.g. through WMO and IOC through JCOMM, GOOS and GCOS, GEO, CEOS), research programs and observing system agenies (e.g. ESA, CNES or NASA). Ocean analysis and forecasting systems are appropriate and powerful tools to assess the impact of the observing system, to identify gaps and to improve the efficiency/effectiveness of the observing system.

GOV relationships with international or intergovernmental organisations are mainly established through the Task Teams (TTs) which are active working groups focussing on current and relavant topics. The six TTs (related to data assimilation, marine ecosystem analysis & prediction, coastal and shelf seas, intercomparison and validation, coupled predictions, and observing system evaluations) develop knowledge, collective expertise and capacity in their core discipline while engaging with other TTs and the international research community.

GODAE OceanView strongly supports collaboration between ocean analysis and forecasting teams on ocean observing system issues and are woking on providing feedback to ocean observing system agencies (space, in-situ). GODAE OceanView aims to provide sound and robust recommendations and guidance for the evolution of the global ocean observing system to help to demonstrate its value and effectiveness.