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GOV International School / Programme



The detailed GOV International School time table and description of lectures are now available for download:

(Status: 2 October 2017)


Sketch of lectures

General introduction on Ocean variability

Overview of Operational Oceanography

  • What is Operational Oceanography?
  • Overview of current Operational Oceanography systems in the world
  • Overview of the what are the new frontiers of Operational Oceanography


In-situ observations

  • Current status of In Situ Observational Network for Operational Oceanography and introduction to the future (challenges, new prospects, existing platforms & new instruments)
  • Some specific examples (classical or new) on new technologies/instruments

Remote sensing Observations

  • Current status of Remote Sensing Observational Network for Operational Oceanography and introduction to the future (challenges, new prospects, new instruments)
  • High resolution altimetry observations, present status and perspectives
  • High resolution ocean color products
  • More on remote sensing instruments (classical or new): Wind, SST, SSS, SAR, etc ...



  • Current status of modeling (including coupled models)
  • New frontiers for modeling (ocean, Ice, ocean-atmosphere coupled models, ..)

Data Assimilation

  • Current status and new directions for data assimilation (Ensemble, EnVARn, Hybrid, ...)


Predictions systems

  • Earth system model
  • Coastal ocean
  • Coupled physico-biogeochemical systems
  • High latitude systems

Applications of prediction systems

  • Marine Safety, real time emergency management: Oil spill/pollution, marine debris, Search and Rescue, Shipping and Ship Routing, Coastal Environmental Sensitivity Index
  • Marine Resources: Ecosystem based fisheries management, Sustainable aquaculture, Preserved habitats
  • Coastal and Marine Environment: Coastal hydrodynamics, beach management, Environmental impact, jellyfish, Marine environment and policy, Energy production , water pollution, eutrophication, tourism, Operational response in harbors
  • Weather and Climate Seasonal Forecasting: Long Historical Time Series, Sea State Scenarios, Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Forecast, Seasonal Forecast, Climate change
  • Operational oceanography and society, Economic and social benefits of operational oceanography