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GOV International School / Programme



The detailed GOV International School time table and description of lectures are now available for download:


School lectures - Videos

To view (most of) the GOV International school lectures as You Tube videos please click on the resepctive lecture in the tables below.

Week 1 (morning)     Week 1 (afternoon)      Week 2 (morning)      Week 2 (afternoon)

Week 1

Lecture time table week1 morning

GOV International School - Introduction Ocean Variability 1 Ocean Variability 2 Operational Oceanography 1 Ocean Variability 3 Observations: Vertical motion Observations: Shelf and Coastal Ocean Obs systems Observations: Biogeochem obs Observations: Satellite and OO Observations: SST & SSS 1 Observations: Ocean Colour obs Observations: Turbulent heat fluxes Observations: High-res altimetry obs 2 Model & tools: Current status of Ocean modelling 1 Observations: SST & SSS 2 Models & tools: Circulation models Models & tools: Current status of Ocean modelling 2 Models & tools: High-res ocean models Predictions: Multi-platform obs assessements

 Lecture time table week1 afternoon

Operational Oceanography 2 Observations: Obs system applications Prediction systems: Downscaling Observations: Satellite wind obs Observations: Satellite altimetry Observations: High-res altimerty 1 Models & tools: Surface waves Models & tools: Reanalysis Models & tools: Probabalistic ocean circulation models

Week 2

 Lecture time table week2 morning

Prediction systems: System integration Prediction systems: ROMS Models & tools: Coupled ocean-atm models Models & tools: Operational assimilation errors Models & tools: Ensemble & hybrid methods Models & tools: Ice predictions Prediction systems: BGC systems 1 Models & tools: Selected DA topics Prediction systems: BGC systems 2 Prediction systems: Coupled Prediction systems 1 Applications: Pathways of Marine debris Applications: CMEMS Prediction systems: Arctic predictions Prediction systems: Model Validation Applications: Impacts of Marine Debris Applications: Sustained ocean observations Applications: Jellyfish Applications: Pelagic resources Applications: Ports

 Lecture time table week2 afternoon


Models & tools: DA concepts and methods Models & tools: Tides Observations: Observing system design Prediction systems: El Nino and ENSO Models & tools: Internal gravity waves Prediction systems: Coupled systems 2 Applications: Prediction system applications