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GOV International School / Application


Applications for the GOV International School 2017 are now invited.

The deadline for applications is the 28 February 2017.

Please remember that your applications is only taken into consideration if applicants provide two references from their supervisors/sponsors. To submit the references please refer to the information under "References" below


Applications are closed

(Please note that it is not possible to update your application information after submission.
If you wish to change your application details you have to reapply.)



Before you apply please note the following information:

  • Expected participation - This school is intended for a broad international audience: MS/PhD students, postdoctoral scientists, and early career scientists/professionals for a total of 50 to 60 attendees, not including the speakers and organizers. The attendees should have a background in meteorology and/or oceanography.
  • Letter of Motivation - All applicants need to provide a letter of motivation describing their interest, relevance of their studies, and research goals, etc. (please submit the letter with the registration as word or pdf document).
  • References - Applicants will need to provide the school contact details to their supervisors/sponsors for a timely submission of the references (two per applicant). Letters of reference can be submitted or uploaded via the following web-page: https://www.godae-oceanview.org/outreach/education-training/gov-summer-school-2017/registration/references/.
  • Programme and lecturers - At the current time the programme is still in a state of flux, however information about the anticipated school topics can be viewed on the Content page and many of the invited lecturers are listed on the Welcome page. Successful applicants will be receive regular emails updates.
  • Deadline - The application deadline for the GOV summer school is the 28 February 2017.
  • Selection - Students will be selected based on qualifications (career status and achievements, and motivation, i.e. how the school would help their career), and references. A committee will conduct the assessment and selection of the candidates. Following the collation and sifting of all applications, confirmation of participation will be provided by the end of March 2017 via email.
  • Financial support - The attendee is expected to find their own funding source to cover travel and accommodations (1056 euros including meals - see accommodation page) costs. We suggest that applicants request financial support from 1) advisor/supervisor, 2) host institution, 3) country, and last 4) summer school as we will be able to provide some travel grants. Below is a list of national representatives that are aware of the school and can help you identify national support. If you attend a
    • US institution: contact Eric Chassignet (echassignet@fsu.edu)
    • Canadian institution: contact Fraser Davidson (Fraser.Davidson@dfo-mpo.gc.ca)
    • Chinese institution: contact Dakui Wang (dakui.nmefc@gmail.com)
    • Indian institution: contact Abhisek Chatterjee (abhisek.c@incois.gov.in)
    • Brazilian institution: contact Clemente Tanajura (clemente.tanajura@gmail.com)
    • South African institution: contact Bjorn Backeberg (BBackeberg@csir.co.za)
    • Saudi Arabian institution: contact Ibrahim Hoteit (ibrahim.hoteit@kaust.edu.sa)
    • Australian institution: contact Gary Brassington (gary.brassington@bom.gov.au)
    • European/all others institution: contact Jacques Verron (jacques.verron@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr)