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GOVST-I meeting presentations

Following the agenda items, presentations can be downloaded from the table below.

Day 1, Monday, 8 June 2009
Agenda itemTitle of presentation
Download as .ppt
Welcome and meeting objectivesGOVST-welcome.ppt (2.3 MB)Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)


Session 1: Introduction and overview of GODAE OceanView plans & responsibilities

1.1/2 The scope and objectives of GODAE OceanView1.1-1.2-20090608-GOV-ST_EDY.ppt (0.2 MB)Eric Dombrowsky (Mercator Ocean)
1.3/4 International relationships and task teams1.3-1.4.-GOVST_Schiller.ppt (0.3 MB)Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)
1.5 GODAE OceanView Membership1.5_GOVST_membership.ppt (0.3 MB)Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
1.6 GODAE OceanView project office1.6_GOVST_organisation.ppt (2.6 MB)Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)


Session 2: Presentation of draft paper and discussion of work plan for the next 4 years

2.1 Report from JCOMM/IOC2.1_JCOMM-Report_to_GOVST.ppt (0.4 MB)Jean-Louis Fellous (JCOMM)
2.2 Report from ET-OOFS2.2_JCOMM_ET-OOFS_GOVST.ppt (6.4MB)Gary Brassington (BoM)
2.3 Discussion of work-plan for nex 4 years Breakout sessions


Day 2 - Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Session 3: Report from the established GODAE OceanView Task Teams (summaries of previous activities and future plans)

3.1 Intercomparison TT3.1_GOVST_Intercomparison_TT.ppt (3.7MB)Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean) & Matt Martin (Met Office)
3.2 OSE TT3.2_GOVST_OSE_TT.ppt (12.3MB)Peter Oke (CSIRO) & Gilles Larnicol (CLS)
3.3 Coasta TT3.3_GOVST_Coastal_TT.ppt (8.4MB)Pierre De Mey (LEGOS) & Villy Kourafalou (RSMAS)
3.4 Marine ecosystem TT3.4_GOVST_Marine_ecosystem_TT.ppt (7.6MB)Pierre Brasseur (CNRS)


Session 4: Reports/response from representatives of the national ocean forecasting systems

4.1 BLUElink (Australia)4.1a_CAS_vision_paper&Bluelink.ppt (9.2MB)
4.1b_National-report-list.pdf (0.1MB)
Gary Brassington (BoM)
4.2 CONCEPTS (Canada)4.2_Canada_overview.ppt (14.8MB)Fraser Davidson (DFO)
4.3 FOAM, NCOF (UK)4.3_GOVST_UK_report.ppt (39.7MB)Matt Martin (Met Office)
4.4 HYCOM/NCODA (USA)4.4_GOVST_HYCOM.ppt (24.8MB)Jim Cummings (NRL)
4.5 Mercator Ocean (France)4.5_GOV-ST_Mercator-Ocean.ppt (3.8MB)Nicolas Ferry (Mercator Ocean)
4.6 MFS (Italy)4.6_GOVST_MFS.ppt (14.2MB)Srdjan Dobricic (CMCC, INGV)
4.7 MOVE/MRI.COM (Japan)4.7_GOVST_MOVE-MRI.ppt (18.4MB)Masafumi Kamachi (JMA/MRI)
4.8 US-Navy (USA) Pat Hogan (NRL)


Day 3, Wednesday, 10 June 2009
4.9 NCEP, RTOFS4.9_GOVST_NCEP.ppt (2.4MB)Hendrik Tolman (NOAA/NCEP)
4.10 TOPAZ (Norway)4.10_GOVST_TOPAZ.ppt (14.3MB)Laurent Bertino (NERSC)


Session 5: GODAE Summer School

5.1 GODAE Summer School - status report5.1_GODAE_ETOOFS_summerschool.ppt (11.5 MB)Gary Brassington (BoM)


Session 6: GODAE Special Issue

6.1 GODAE Special Issue - status report6.1_Special_Issue.ppt (0.1MB)Mike Bell (Met Office)


Session 7: GOVST linkages with international research/intergovernmental groups - Reviews

7.1 MyOcean7.1_MyOcean.ppt (12.3MB)Pierre Bahurel
7.2 Argo7.2_Argo.ppt (4.7MB)Mathieu Belbeoch