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GOVST-II meeting presentations

Presentations are categorised and can be downloaded from the table below.

Welcome and introduction
Welcome and introductionGOVST-welcome-and-introduction.pdf(0.5 MB)Toshiyuki Awaji (JAMSTEC & Kyoto University) & Nozomi Suigara (JAMSTEC)


Meeting objectives and work plan review
Meeting objectives and progress since  GOVST-I
(0.5 MB)
Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)
Work plan review
(0.2 MB)
Eric Dombrowsky (Mercator Ocean))


Task team presentations
Report from the OSEval - TT
1.3-OSE-TT-Report-Oke.pdf (10 MB)Peter Oke (CSIRO)
Report from IV-TT
2.1-GOVST-II_InterComp-Tokyo-Oct2010.pdf (2 MB)Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)& Matt Martin (Met Office)
Report from HRCP-TT
2.4-TT-HRCP.pdf (11.7MB)
Gary Brassington (BoM)
Report from COSS-TT2.6-GOVST2010-COSS-TT-fin.pdf (3.1 MB)
Pierre De Mey (LEGOS) & Villy Kourafalou
Report from MEP-TT2.7-RBarciela-GOVST-II_MEP_TT.pdf (14.4 MB)Rosa Barciela (Met Office)


Forecasting system presentations
BLUElink1.6-National-report-Australia-2010.pdf (20.7 MB)Gary Brassington(BoM)
C-NOOFS3.3-GOVST_2010_Canada_CONCEPTS_r3.pdf (3.1 MB)Charles Hannah (DFO)
1.5a-HYCOM-GOVST2-Tokyo-2010.pdf (11.8 MB)Pat Hogan (US-Navy), Eric Chassignet ( & Jim Cummings (NRL)
HYCOM/NCODA1.5b-cummings-GOVST_2010.pdf (0.5 MB)Jim Cummings (NRL)
ECCO2.11-GOVST2-ECCO-CLIVAR.pdf (3.3 MB)Tony Lee (JPL)
ECMWF2.12-GOVST_201010_Takaya.pdf (2.5 MB)Yuhei Takaya (JAMSTEC)
FOAM1.8-GOVST-UK_report_Oct10.pdf (1.4 MB)Matt Martin (Met Office)
Mercator Ocean
1.7-GOVST-annual_report_France_201010.pdf (3.1MB)Nicolas Ferry (Mercator Ocean)
MFS1.9-MFS_GODAE_Tokio.pdf (4.3 MB)Marina Tonani (INGV)
MOVE/MRI.COM2.10-20101005-1_Japan.pdf (10.4 MB)Masafumi Kamachi (MRI-JMA)
TOPAZ1.10-TOPAZ_govstII_2010.pdf (1.3 MB)Pavel Sakov (NERSC)
RTOFS2.5-Tolman-GOVST-II_2010.pdf (3.3 MB)Hendrik Tolman (NOAA-NCEP)
Indian Forecasting System3.4-govst_francis.pdf (1.4 MB)Francis Pavanathara (INCOIS)
Brazilian Forecasting System3.5-Tanajura_REMO_GOVSTII_FINAL.pdf (3.2 MB)Clemente Tanajura (UFBA)


International collaboration presentations
1.4-Suga-Roemmich_Argo_GOVST-II.pdf (2.3MB)
Toshio Suga (JAMSTEC)
GHRSST2.2-AKW-GHRSST.pdf (14.2MB)Andrea Kaiser-Weiss (Univesity of Reading)
ET-OOFS3.8-jcomm_etoofs_report_2010.pdf (2.5MB)Gary Brassington (BoM)
JCOMM/IOC3.9-Fischer-GOV.pdf (1.5MB)Albert Fischer (IOC)
3.6-PonteGOVSTV2.pdf (1.5MB)Eric Lindstrom (NASA)
OOPC3.7-OOPC-GOVST Oct6 V6.pdf (9.8MB)Eric Lindstrom (NASA)
2.9-PICO_CGOOS_GODAE_OceanView_Final.pdf (2MB)Eric Lindstrom (NASA)
WGNE2.3-20101003_GOVST_WGNE_EDY_V1.0.pdf (0.5MB)Eric Dombrowsky (Mercator Ocean


Guest presentation
Report from K7 - Adjoint sensitivity analysis for oceanic warming of the deepest waters
3.2-smasuda_GODAE.pdf (10MB)Shuhei Masuda (JAMSTEC)
WGOOFE2.8-wgoofe.pdf (0.3MB)
Chrales Hannah (DFO)


Summaries, feedback and project office presentations
Summary Day1
1.11-summary_day1_inverse.pdf (2MB)Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)
Summary Day2
2.13-20101005 GOVST 2nd day EDY V1.0.pdf (0.1MB)Eric Dombrowky (Mercator Ocean)
Projetc Office presentation
3.11-GOVST-II_project-office-final.pdf (1MB)Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
Feedback OSEval-TT
3.10-OSE_revised_proposal.pdf (0.1MB)Peter Oke (CSIRO)
Feedback IV-TT (Link to ocean reanalysis community)
3.1a-ORA-GODAE-collaboration-TL.pdf (0.1MB)
3.1b-GOVST-Intercomp-discussion.pdf (0.1MB)
Fabice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean & Matt Martin (Met Office)
Feedback MEP-TT
3.12-RBarciela_MEP_TT_feedback.pdf (0.1MB)Rosa Barciela (Met Office)
Feedback HRCP-TT3.13-TT-HRCP_feedback.pdf (0.1MB)Gary Brassington (BoM)


GOVST-II : Reports from national Ocean Forecasting Systems

System reports - 2010
BLUELink (Australia)
ECMWF (Europe)
Mercator Ocean (France)
MFS (Italy)
NMEFC (China)
TOPAZ (Norway)