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GOVST III meeting

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3rd Annual Meeting of the GODAE OceanView Science Team (GOVST)

 Where:ESA HQ, Paris,France
 When:14 - 18 November 2011
 Duration:5 days *
 Organisers:GODAE OceanView Project Office: Kirsten Willmer-Becker (Met Office), Eric Dombrowsky (Mercator-Ocean), Andreas Schiller (CSIRO) and Craig Donlon (ESA)


* Please note that a "Task Team day" (Monday, 14 Nov) precedes the main meeting. The main meeting starts on Tuesday, 15 Nov (morning) and closes on Friday, 18 Nov at lunchtime.


GOVST-III participants - November 2011


Meeting topics and structure

The topics of the GOVST-III meeting will include progress reports from the national ocean forecasting systems and task team activities, discussion of the GODAE OceanView work plan, as well as a review of the status of the observing system. Particular focus will be given to a  GODAE OceanView review process, discussing overall achivements and options for continuation.

Please see table for details:

1.Overview and meeting objectivesWhat are the main objectives for this meeting?Presentations
2. GODAE OceanView ReviewAgree on how to arrange a GODAE OceanView review for 2013/14 (e.g. symposium or formal review panel?)Feedback to discussion paper to be submitted prior to meeting Co-chair presentations & discussion
3. Work planReview of current work plan status and agreement of future updatesCo-chair summary presentation on updates/progress
4. Task TeamsReview of TT status, plans, progress and issuesPresentations from task team co-chair(s) followed by a short discussion
5. Ocean Forecasting SystemsReview of status, plans, progress, strengths and weaknesses of each national forecasting system related to GODAE OceanViewPresentations from national representatives followed by a short discussion
6. Observing System StatusOverview of the ocean observing systems status and its future requirementsPresentations from Argo, GHRSST, OST etc. followed by a short discussion
7. International collaborationsReview of GOVST links to international and/or intergovernmental groupsPresentations from IOC/JCOMM etc. followed by a short discussion
8. Future activitiesGeneral discussion of future activities, related particularly to 2. and 3.Co-chair presentations and discussions


Participation in this event is organised by invitation only.