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GOVST-V meeting presentations

Presentations can be downloaded from the table below.

The meeting consisted of a 1-day Task Team meeting and 3.5 days main Science Team  meeting. All presentations are available as pdf. If you require access to the ppt/pptx versions, please contact the project office.

To access presentation from the

- main GOVST meeting

- TT meetings

or to view this years

- national reports 2014

please click the relevant links.


Main GOVST-V meeting (13-17 October 2014)


Welcome addresses, meeting objectives, project office report and Strategic Plan Introduction
Welcome speech1.1-GOVST-V_Welcome_Address-AS.pdfAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
Welcome1.2_GOV-2014-Welcome-v2.pdf Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
Welcome speech1.4-GOVST-V_Welcome_Address_Hui_WangHui Wang (NMEFC)
Welcome speech1.5-GOVST-V_Welcome_Address_Yue_ChenYue Chen (SOA)
Previous member presentation3.1-GOV-2014-People-v1.pdf Pierre Bahurel (Mercator Ocean) and Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
Meeting topics and objectives 3.2_GOVST5-Day-1_intro.pdf Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)
Strategic Plan introduction 3.3_GOVST5-Day-1_Strategic-plan.pdfAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
Strategic Plan overview5.1.1-GOVST5-Day-1_SP_overview.pdfAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
Project Office report 3.4_GOV-PO-2014-presentation-v1.pdf Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)


Guest presentations
Operational Ocean Satellite Observations in China 2.1_song_GOVST-V_201410.pdf (6.5 MB)Qingtao Song (NSOAS)
Oceanic observation network in China 2.2-20141010-Introduction_to_SOA_Observations.pdf Ms. Chunjing (SOA) presented on behalf of Zhi Chen (SOA)
The current progresses of TC forecasting operation and its challenges in China 2.3_Current_progress_of_tropical_cyclone_forecasting_in_China-Yihong-Duan.pdf (4.8 MB) Yihong Duan (Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences)


Task team presentations (in the context of the strategic plan)
Report from OSEval - TT 8.2_OSEval-TT-2014-update.pdf (1.7 MB) Peter Oke (CSIRO) & Gilles Larnicol (CLS)
Report from IV-TT 10.2-IV-TT-GOVST5-Beijin-Oct2014-FHernandez.pdf (4.3 MB) Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)
Report from IV-TT - proposals for activities 10.4a-SmithG_Class4Ice_GOVSTV_v1.pdf (2 MB) Gregory Smith (Environment Canada)
Report from COSS-TT 10.5-cosstt-16oct-v6.pdf (1 MB)Pierre De Mey (LEGOS)
Report from MEAP-TT 10.8-GOVST_overview-MEAPTT-gehlen.pdf (2.6 MB)Laurent Bertino (NERSC) for Marion Gehlen (LSCE)
Report from MEAP-TT - update of strategic plan 10.9_GOVST_strategic_plan_MEAPTT.pdf Laurent Bertino (NERSC) for Marion Gehlen (LSCE)
Report from MEAP-TT - proposals for activities 10.10_GOVST_annual_activities_MEAPTT.pdf Laurent Bertino (NERSC) for Marion Gehlen (LSCE)
Report from SMRCP-TT 10.11-SMRCP_Report.pdf Gary Brassington (BoM)
Data Assimilation Task Team proposal4.4-DA-TT-Proposal_MMartin_Oct2014.pdfMatt Martin (Met Office)


Forecasting system presentations
NMEFC 6.1_2014GODEA_liuguimei.pdf (13.8 MB) Guimei Liu (NMEFC)
BLUElink 6.2_National_report_Australia.pdf (3.7 MB) Gary Brassington (BoM)
MOVE/MRI.CFOM 6.3_GOVST_Japan_Report.pdf (2.8 MB) Tsurane Kuragano (MRI-JMA)
INCOIS 6.4_Francis_GOVST_15Oct14.pdf (1.7 MB) Francis Pavanathara (INCOIS)
CONCEPTS 6.5_SmithG_CONCEPTS_Update_GOVSTV_v2.pdf (5 MB) Gregory Smith (Environment Canada)
FOAM 6.6_GOVST-V-UKReport_MMartin_Oct2014.pdf (2.3 MB) Matt Martin (Met Office)
TOPAZ 6.7_Bertino_TOPAZ_GODAE.pdf (3.4 MB) Laurent Bertino (NERSC)
Mercator Ocean 6.8_GODAEOVST-Mercator_2014_V1.pdf (2.8 MB) Yann Drillet (Mercator Ocean)
MFS 6.9_PresentationMFSv2.pdf (2.1 MB) Marina Tonani (INGV)
REMO 6.10_National_Report_REMO_GOVST_V.pdf (3.4 MB) Clemente Tanajura (UFBA)
HYCOM 6.11_HYCOM-GOFS-GOVST-2014.pdf (3.2 MB) Eric Chassignet (Florida State University)
RTOFS/NCEP 6.12_GOVST-V-RTOFS-Tolman.pdf (2.1 MB) Hendrik Tolman (NOAA)


International collaboration presentations
IOC/UNESCO4.2-GOOS/JCOMM Update and GODAE OceanViewJiang Long (IOC)
JCOMM/ET-OOFS4.3-JCOMM Expert Team for Operational Ocean Forecast SystemsGary Brassington (BoM)
Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) 7.-SmithG_GOVST_PPP-YOPP_CplEnvPred.pdf (5 MB) Gregroy Smith (Environment Canada)
Argo 9.1_GOVST-5-Liuzenghong.pdf (2.5 MB) Liu Zenghong (SOED)
OSTST/OOPC 9.2_Wilkin-GOVST-V-OSTST-OOPC.pdf (4 MB) John Wilkin (Rutger University)
GHRSST 9.3_GHRSST_GOVST-V_v1.pdf (1.6 MB)Gary Corlett  (Leicester University)
GSOP/CLIVAR 9.4_GSOP-presentation-GOVST5-Beijing-October2014-FHZ.pdf (2.8 MB) Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)
Virtutal constellations 9.5_GODAE_virtual_constellations_Bonekamp.pdf (1.8 MB) Hans Bonekamp (EUMETSAT)
GOOS 9.6-GOOS-report-16Oct14.pdfLong Jiang (IOC)
ET-OOFS12.1-GOVSTV_ETOOFS_2014_summary Gary Brassington (BoM)


Task Team Day presentations (GOVST-V, October 2014)



SMRCP-TT (now called CP-TT) meeting (14 October 2014 - morning)

Discussion presentationTT-day-1.9-SMRCP_Discussion.pdf  Gary Brassington (BoM)


IV-TT meeting (14 October 2014 - morning)

IntroductionTT-day-1.6-IV-TT-GOVST5-Beijin-Oct2014-FHernandez.pdf (4.3 MB)Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)
Proposal for extension of Class 4 intercomparison to include sea ice concentrationTT-day-1.7-SmithG_Class4Ice_GOVSTV_v1.pdf (2 MB) Gregory Smith (Environment Canada)


OSEval-TT meeting (14 October 2014 - afternoon)

IntroductionTT-day-1.1-GOVST-V-OSEVAL-TT-meeting_Intrduction-Larnicol.pdf (1.2 MB) Gilles Larnicol (CLS)
Reflections on the UK Met Office's NRT OSEs: results and recommendationsTT-day-1.4-GOVST-V-OSEVal-TT_Oct2014_NRTOSE.pdf
(4.6 MB)
Matt Martin (Met Office)
Links betweeen COSS-TT and OSEval-TTTT-day-1.5-Villy_OSSEs.pdf (2.2 MB) Villy Kourafalou (University of Miami/RSMAS)
Community papersTT-day-1.3-OSEval-TT-community-papers.pdf (2.5 MB) Peter Oke (CSIRO)
Strategic PlanTT-day-1.2-OSEval-TT-Strategic-Plan.pdf (1 MB) Peter Oke (CSIRO)


COSS-TT meeting (14 October 2014 - afternoon)

IntroductionTT-day-1.8-cosstt-14oct-v8.pdf (4 MB) Pierre De Mey (LEGOS) and Villy Kourafalou (University of Miami/RSMAS)