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Live Streaming

This meeting has been recorded and streamed live to the external participants.

The archive videos of the meeting are available below:

Day 1 - Introduction and overview day

Day 2 - Task Teams

Day 3 - Ocean observing systems 

Day 4 - Science Day

Day 5 - Review and conclusions (not recorded or archived)


Main GOVST-VI meeting (2-6 November 2015)

The presentations below are provided as pdf (if you require the ppt/pptx version please contact the programme office). All presentations have a size of 5MB or less unless labled otherwise.

2015 National reports are available from the Reports page or as poster from this page.


Welcome addresses, meeting objectives, project office report and Patrons Group overview
1.1 Welcome and introductionWelcomeGary Brassington (BoM)
1.2 Meeting topics and objectivesGOVST-VI: 6th MeetingAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
1.3 Patrons' Group reportGODAE OceanView Patrons’ Group Report: 2015Masafumi Kamachi (MRI-JMA)
1.4 Programme Office reportGOV Programme Office Report 2015Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)


Task team presentations - Overview of TT acheivements since last meeting (work plans and science questions)
2.1 Report from COSS- TTThe GOV COSS Task Team: News + Focus activities Pierre De Mey (LEGOS)
2.2 Science questions from COSS-TTThe GOV COSS Task Team: Science Questions Villy Kourafalou (University of Miami)
2.3 Report from the IV-TTIV-TT overview since GOV-ST-5 meeting Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)
2.4 Report and science questions from IV-TTIV-TT Discussion: How can we maximise our understanding ? Gary Brassington (BoM)
2.5 Report and science questions from OSEval-TTObserving System Evaluation Task Team Peter Oke (CSIRO)
2.6 Report and Science questions from CP-TTGODAE OceanView Coupled Prediction Task Team (CP-TT) (6.6 MB) Hal Ritchie (Environment Canada)
2.6.1 Announcement of HRCP workshopFlyer: High-resolution Ocean Modelling for Coupled seamless predictions Hal Ritchie (Environment Canada)
2.7 Report from DA-TTData Assimilation Task Team (DA-TT) Matt Martin (Met Office)
2.8 Science questions from DA-TTDA-TT Science Questions Andy Moore (UC Santa Cruz)
2.9 Report from MEAP-TTMarine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team Marion Gehlen (LSCE)
2.10 Science questions from MEAP-TTGOV MEAP-TT discussion topic : «Impact of biases in vertical physics in physical ocean reanalyses on biogeochemical tracer distributions » Katja Fennel (Dalhousie University)


Observing systems and international collaboration presentations
3.1 CEOS and GEOSS/Blue Planet overviewCEOS, GEO, GEOSS, Blue Planet and GOVTim Malthus (CSIRO)
3.2 GOOS overviewThe Global Ocean Observing SystemBernadette Sloyan (CSIRO)
3.3 Argo overviewArgo: Recent Insights and Future EvolutionAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
3.4 Virtual ConstellationsVirtual Constellations 2015Hans Bonekamp (EUMETSAT)
3.5 SWOTEvolution of altimetric missions towards higher resolutionRosemary Morrow (LEGOS)
3.6 Coastal Altimetry (ARCOM)Altimetry for Coastal and Regional OceanographyJohn Wilkin (Rutger University)
3.7 AquariusRecent Progress in Salinity Remote SensingTony Lee (JPL)
3.8 GHRSSTGHRSST Report to GOVST-VIGary Corlett (Leicester University)
3.9.1 GSOP/CLIVARReview of recent activities of CLIVAR Global Synthesis & Observations Panel (GSOP): relevance to & collaboration with GODAE OceanViewTony Lee (JPL)
3.9.2 ORAIP and OHC ReanalysisCLIVAR GSOP/GODAE Ocean View Ocean Reanalysis Inter-comparison ORA-IPMagdalen Balmaseda (ECMWF)
3.10 OOPCThe Ocean Observations Panel for Climate (OOPC)Bernadette Sloyan (CSIRO)
3.11 ET-OOFSJCOMM Expert Team for Operational Ocean Forecast SystemsGary Brassington (BoM)


Overview of Ocean Services (production, delivery and users)
4.1 IMOSAustralia’s Integrated Marine Observing System - Overview of Ocean Services for GOV-STMoninya Roughan (University of New South Wales)
4.2 CopernicusCopernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service: CMEMS Framework and Implementation Overview Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)
4.3 NOAA/NOS/IOOSOverview of NOAA’s Ocean Products and ServiceAvichal Mehra (NOAA)
4.4 NMEFCReview of Ocean Service in China (7.7MB)Guimei Liu (NMEFC)
4.5 INCOISIndian Ocean Forecast System (INDOFOS)Abhisek Chattterjee (INCOIS)


Science Day presentations
5.1 Science day presentation 1East Australian Current Mooring ArrayBernadette Sloyan (CSIRO)
5.2 Science day presentation 2Western Boundary Current eddies: a view from ArgoTatiana Rykova (CSIRO)
5.3 Science day presentation 3Forecasting synoptic features of the East Australian Current using ensemble data assimilation (12.7 MB)Paul Sandery (BoM)
5.4 Science day presentation 4Evaluation of Loop Current and Gulf Stream against Observations in an Operationsl Global Ocean ModelAvichal Mehra (NOAA)
5.5 Science day presentation 5Monitoring and Prediction of the Kuroshio System “Recent Developments of Model and Data Assimilation System at JMA/MRI" (6 MB)Masa Kamachi (MRI-JMA)
5.6 Science day presentation 6INDESO: Towards the operational management of Tuna fisheries in IndonesianMarion Gehlen (LSCE)
5.7 Science day presentation 71/50° North Atlantic Modeling with HYCOM (12.1 MB)Eric Chassignet (Florida State University)
5.8 Science day presentation 8Using Data Assimilation to learn about the ocean (5.5 MB)Brian Powell (University of Hawaii)
5.9 Science day presentation 9Some interesting aspects of the EnKF ocean forecasting (16 MB)Pavel Sakov (BoM)
5.10 Science day presentation 10Ne'er for the faint of heart: Analysis and forecast error covariance estimates using the adjoint of 4D-VarAndy Moore (UC Santa Cruz)
5.11 Science day presentation 11A relocatable coupled atmosphere-ocean prediction system (5.3 MB)Hal Ritchie (Environment Canada)


Meeting conclusion and future plans
Patrons' Group feedbackFeedback from the GOV Patrons’ Group meeting, 4 Nov 2015Masafumi Kamachi (MRI-JMA)
Summer schoolPreliminary Project for an Interna1onal School: Toward New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography (8.3 MB)Jacques Verron (LEGI)
Actions from current meetingGOVST-VI actions – first iterationKirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
Upcoming GOV and GOV related eventsGOV upcoming meetingsKirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
Next GOVST-VII meetingVIIth Annual Meeting of GOADE OceanView Science TeamAbhisek Chatterjee (INCOIS)


National report - poster presentations

BLUELink (Australia) poster  Gary Brassington (BoM)
CONCEPTS (Canada) poster  Natacha Bernier (Environment Canada)
ECCO (USA) posterECCO Follow-On: Understanding Sea Level, Ice, and Climate Tony Lee (JPL)
ECMWF (Europe) poster  Magdalena Balmaseda (ECMWF)
FOAM (UK) posterOverview of the FOAM system and recent developments Matt Martin (Met Office)
HYCOM (USA) poster  Eric Chassignet (Floriday State University), Pat Hogan (NRL) and Jim Cummings (NRL)
INDOFOS (India) poster  Abhisek Chatterjee (INCOIS)
Mercator Ocean (France) posterMercator Ocean Activities 2015 Yann Drillet (Mercator Ocean)
MOVE/MRI.COM (Japan) posterRecent Update of Operational Ocean DA systems in JMA Tsurane Kuragano (MRI-JMA)
NCEP/RTOFS (USA) poster  Avichal Mehra (NOAA)
NMEFC (China) poster  Guimei Liu (NMEFC)
REMO (Brazil) posterReport from the Brazilian Forecasting System The Oceanographic Modeling and Observation Network (REMO) Clemente Tanajura (UFBA/REMO)
TOPAZ (Norway) poster  Laurent Bertino (NERSC)