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Science Day


GOVST-VI meeting: Science Day

Following the agreement at last year's GOVST-V meeting a Science Day was added to the new meeting schedule. The theme for this year was  (Western) Boundary Currents. A number of local researchers and guests were invited to present their latest work under this topic. The Science Day occured on day 4 of the GOVST meeting and was welcomed by all attendees. The presentations of this day are shown below:


  • Direct observations of the East Australian Current and Property Transport at 27 oS from 2012-2013, Bernadette Sloyan, CSIRO
  • Western Boundary Current eddies: a view from Argo, Tatiana Rykova, CSIRO
  • Forecasting synoptic features of the East Australian Current using ensemble data assimilation, Paul Sandery, BoM
  • Evaluation of Loop Current and Gulf Stream against Observations in an Operational Global Ocean Model, Avichal Mehra, NOAA
  • Monitoring and Prediction of the Kuroshio System “Recent Developments of Model and Data Assimilation System at JMA/MRI", Masa Kamachi, MRI-JMA
  • INDESO: Towards the operational management of Tuna fisheries in Indonesian, Marion Gehlen, LSCE
  • 1/50 degree North Atlantic HYCOM simulation, Eric Chassignet, Florida State University
  • Using DA to learn about the ocean, Brian Powell, University of Hawaii
  • Some interesting aspects of the EnKF ocean forecasting, Pavel Sakov, BoM
  • Ne'er for the faint of heart: Analysis and forecast error covariance estimates using the adjoint of 4D-Var, Andy Moore, UC Santa Cruz
  • A relocatable coupled atmosphere-ocean prediction system, Hal Ritchie, Environment Canada
  • A Reanalysis of the East Australian Current region using 4-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation, Colette Kerry, University of New South Wales