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Live Streaming

This meeting has been recorded and streamed live to the external participants. 

The archive videos of the meeting are available below:

Day 1 - Introduction and overview day

Day 2 - Task Teams

Day 3 - Ocean observing systems

Day 4 - Science Day

Day 5 - Summary and conclusions


GOVST-VII meeting presentations (7-11 November 2016) - below

The presentations below are provided as pdfs (if you require the ppt/pptx version please contact the programme office). All presentations have a size of 5MB or less unless labled otherwise.

2016 National reports are available from the Reports page or as poster from this page.

The meeting sesssion presentations can be downloaded via the tables below:


1. Meeting objectives and national group presentations (oral/poster)

2. Task Team Day

3. Observing Sytems review

4. Science Day presentations

5. Conclusion

6. Science Day posters



Introduction and overview
1.1 IntroMeeting objectivesAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
1.2 IntroLogisticsAbhisek Chatterjee and Kirsten Wilmer-Becker
1.3 IntroPatrons’ group reportJohn Siddorn, Met Office
1.4 IntroProgramme office activities            Kirsten Wilmer-Becker, Met Office


National group efforts 2016
TopicOral presentationsPoster presentationPresenter
1.5 Nat GroupBLUElinkBLUElink posterGary Brassington (BoM)
1.6 Nat GroupCONCEPTSCONCEPTS posterHal Ritchie (ECCC)
1.7 Nat GroupECCOECCO posterTony Lee (JPL)
1.8 Nat GroupFOAMFOAM posterChris Harris (Met Office)
1.9 Nat GroupGOFSGOFS posterPat Hogan (NRL)
1.10 Nat GroupINDOFOSINDOFOS posterAbhisek Chatterjee (INCOIS)
1.11 Nat GroupMercator OceanMercator Ocean posterYann Drillet (Mercator Ocean)
1.12 Nat GroupMFSMFS posterGiovanni Coppini (CMCC)
1.13 Nat GroupMOVE.MRIMOVE.MRI posterAndreas Schiller (CSIRO) for Tsurane Kuragano (MRI/JMA)
1.14 Nat GroupNMEFCNMEFC posterDakui Wang (NMEFC)
1.15 Nat Group      REMOREMO posterClemente Tanajura (REMO)
1.16 Nat GroupTOPAZTOPAZ posterAnnette Samuelsen (NERSC) for Laurent Bertino (NERSC)


Task Team presentations
2.1 Report from IV- TTIV-TT overview (10 MB)Fabrice Hernandez (Mercator Ocean)
2.2 Report from the OSEval-TTObserving System Evaluation Task Team (6 MB)Gilles Larnicol (CLS)
2.3 Report from the CP-TTCP-TT overview (6 MB)Hal Ritchie (ECCC) and Chris Harris (Met Office)
2.4 Report from DA-TTData Assimilation Task Team (DA-TT)Clemente Tanajura (REMO)
2.5 Report from MEAP-TTMarine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task TeamKatja Fennel (Dalhousie University)
2.6 Report from COSS-TTThe GOV COSS Task TeamVilly Kourafalou (University of Miami/RSMAS)
2.7 DiscussionsStrategic discussion Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)
2.8 DiscussionsTask Team discussionAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)


Observing Systems and International collaborations
3.1 ObsThe GEO Blue Planet InitiativeEmily Smail (NOAA)
3.2 ObsOcean Surface Topography Science TeamTony Lee (JPL)
3.3 ObsUpdates of Recent Satellite SSS productsTony Lee (JPL)
3.4 ObsArgo: Past Achievement, Future Risks and OpportunitiesAbhisek Chatterjee (INCOIS)
3.5 ObsIndian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS)Andreas Schiller (CSIRO)
3.6 ObsTropical Pacific Observing System 2020 UpdateTony Lee (JPL)
3.7 ObsJCOMM/ET-OOFS updatesGary Brassington (BoM)
3.8 ObsLinks/collaborations of CLIVAR Global Synthesis & Observations Panel and GODAE OceanViewTony Lee (JPL)
3.9 ObsGHRSST Report to GOVST-VIIGary Corlett (Leicester University)


INCOIS activities
3.10 INCOIS  Improvements in ocean state forecasts using data assimilation in INCOISArya Paul, INCOIS
3.11 INCOISShort term prediction of marine ecosystem in the Indian coastal watersKunal Chakraborty, INCOIS
3.12 INCOISOperational Oceanography: Present Indian scenario and new initiativesAbhisek Chatterjee/ PA Francis, INCOIS
3.13 INCOISMarine Observation System Along Indian Coast (MOSAIC)Satya Prakash, INCOIS


Science Day presentations
4.1 Science dayA Monsoonal Estuary and its Adjoining Shelf on the West Coast of India as a Unified System (Key-note talk)Prof Shetye, Former Vice-Chancellor of Goa University
4.2 Science dayOperational Oceanography R&D leading towards better informed Fisheries Resource Management and Fishery Resource ExtractionGeorge Grinson, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
4.3 Science dayPhysical forcing of the fisheries along the west coast of India (30 MB)D Shankar, CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography
4.4 Science dayOcean science towards forecasting Indian marine living resource potentialVVSS Sarma, National Institute of Oceanography
4.5 Science dayEcosystem Dynamics in the Bay of Bengal during Summer MonsoonPN Vinayachandran, Indian Institute of Science
4.6 Science dayMarine Living Resources of India - An overview (9 MB)N. Saravanane, CMLRE, Kochi
4.7 Science dayRisk of oil contamination of fish eggs and larvae under different oceanic and weather conditions (16 MB)Annette Samuelsen, NERSC
4.8 Science dayDownscaling oceans from global to local scales with possible fisheries applications: recent results from MEOPARHal Ritchie, ECCC
4.9 Science dayPhysical connectivity processes: examples relevant for fisheries managementVilly Kourafalou, University of Miami/RSMAS
4.10 Science dayeReefs: an integrated catchment and coastal forecasting system for the Great Barrier Reef (9.5 MB)Gary Brassington, BoM
4.11 Science dayData assimilative regional modelling developments in the Agulhas SystemBjörn Backeberg, CSIR
4.12 Science dayNRL Ensemble Forecasting EffortsPat Hogan, NRL
4.13 Science dayHigh resolution North Atlantic Ocean modelling (6 MB)Eric Chassignet , FSU


Meeting conclusion and future plans
5.1 Patrons' Group feedbackFeedback from Tuesday’s Patrons group meetingJohn Siddorn (Met Office)
5.2 Summer schoolProgress with International GOV Summer SchoolEric Chassignet (FSU)
5.3 Actions from current meetingReview of new actionsKirsten Wilmer-Becker (Met Office)
5.4 Review of GOV future plansReview of GOV future plan, reflection on the TT discussion outcome, planned activities and collaborations, next symposium and GOV reviewAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)
5.5 Next GOVST-VII meetingPresentation of next GOVST meeting in 2017Annette Samuelsen (NERSC)
5.6 SummarySummary, AOB, Final discussion and thanksAndreas Schiller (CSIRO)


Science Day Posters
SD-poster 1Adaptive tuning of observational errors in the forthcoming Copernicus Marine Service global ocean monitoring and forecasting real-time systemJean-Michel Lellouche (Mercator Ocean)
SD-poster 2And then there were shocks!!!S Sivareddy (INCOIS)
SD-poster 3Observation impact studies with the Mercator Ocean analysis forecasting systemMathieu Hamon (Mercator Ocean)