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Live Streaming

This meeting was recorded using WebEx.

Archived informaiton will be made available.



GOVST-VIII meeting presentations (6-10 November 2017)

The presentations listed here have been collated on a Google drive. Please use the link provided to view or download. File formats vary and could be pptx or pdf files.

2017 National reports are available from the Reports page or as poster from this page.

Link to the meeting presentations are available via the links below:


1. Objectives and overviews

2. National Group presentations

3. Task Team Day & discussions

4. Observing Systems and International collaborations

5. Science Day presentations

6. Meeting conclusion and future plans



1. Objectives and overviews
1.1Meeting objectives – Long term goalsEric Chassignet, FSU & Fraser Davidson, DFO
1.2GOV Symposium and review overviewEric Chassignet, FSU & Fraser Davidson, DFO


2. National group presentations
2.1Mercator Ocean, FranceYann Drillet, Mercator Ocean
2.2CONCEPTS, CanadaNatacha Bernier, DFO
2.3GOFS & ESPC, USAPat Hogan, NRL
2.4INDOFOS, IndiaAbhisek Chatterjee, INCOIS
2.5NMEFC, ChinaGuimei Liu, NMEFC
2.6MOVE/MRI.COM, JapanYosuke Fujii, MRI/JMA
2.7ECMWF, UKKristian Mogensen, ECMWF
2.8FOAM, Met Office, UKMatt Martin, Met Office
2.9TOPAZ, NorwayLaurent Bertino, NERSC
2.10BoM, AustraliaGary Brassington, BoM
2.11REMO, BrazilClemente Tanajura, REMO
2.12Introduction to the Korean Operational Ocean Forecasting System (12 MB)Byoung-Ju Choi, Chonnam National University
2.13MFS, ItalyGiovanni Coppini, CMCC


3. Task Team presentations and dicussions
3.1DA-TT overview and goalsMatt Martin, Met Office and Andy Moore, UCSC
3.2OSEval-TT overview and goalsElisabeth Remy, Mercator Ocean
3.3IV-TT overview and goalsGregory Smith, ECCC
3.4COSS-TT overview and goalsPierre De Mey, LEGOS and Villy Kourafalou, University of Miami, RSMAS
3.5CP-TT overview and goalsHal Ritchie, ECCC and Chris Harris, Met Office
3.6MEAP-TT overview and goalsMarion Gehlen, LSCE/CNRS


4. Observing Systems and International collaborations
4.1GEO Blue PlanetPaul DiGiacomo, NOAA
4.2TPOS2020Neville Smith (WebEx)
4.3ArgoPierre-Yves Le Traon, Mercator Ocean
4.4Virtual constellationsFrancois Montagner (EUMETSAT, WebEx)
4.5GHRSSTGary Corlett, Leicester University (WebEx)
4.6GSOP/CLIVAR developments and links + EOS-COST updateYosuke Fujii, MRI-JMA
4.7OSTST/ ARCOMJohn Wilkin, Rutgers University (WebEx)
4.8Updates of salinity remote sensing from space: status, future plan, and relevance to GOVTong Lee (JPL, WebEx)


5. Science Day presentations
5.1YOPP – overview and MET Norway involvement & perspectiveJørn Kristiansen, Met .no
5.2An international (UN) decade of ocean science for sustainable development 2021-2030Peter M. Haugan, University of Bergen/IMR/IOC
5.3The Nansen LegacyTor Eldevik, UiB/Bjerkenss Centre
5.4NorArgo - the Norwegian contribution to the European and global Argo infrastructureKjell Arne Mork, IMR
5.5The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy project (DOOS)Bruce Howe, University of Hawaii
5.6SMART Subsea Cables Sensing the Pulse of the PlanetBruce Howe, University of Hawaii
5.7Acoustic Tomography, Observing Systems, and GODAEBrian Dushaw, NERSC
5.8OpenDrift - an open source generic trajectory modelØyvind Breivik, Met.no
5.9The ECCC YOPP Coupled Forecasting SystemGregory Smith, ECCC
5.10Predictability of inter-annual variations of bottom temperature and salinity on the Scotian ShelfHal Ritchie, ECCC
5.11Sea ice Class 4 inter-comparisonAndy Ryan, Met Office
5.12Data assimilation of sea ice - investigating key strategies in an Earth system model with a multi-category sea ice model (26MB)Madlen Kimmritz, NERSC
5.13The bias of sea ice thickness in Arctic: constrained by the merged retrievals of Cryosat-2 and SMOS (52 MB)Jiping Xie, NERSC
5.14Implementing frictional damping of waves under sea-ice in the Actic MFC wave modelØyvind Sætra, Met.no
5.15The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service global ocean eddy-resolving physical reanalysis GLORYS12V1Yann Drillet, Mercator Ocean
5.16Assessing the extended-range predictability of the HYCOM+RODAS system in the South AtlanticClemente Tanajura, REMO-UFBA


6. Meeting conclusion and future plans
6.1Programme office activitiesFraser Davidson, DFO
6.2Meeting recapEric Chassignet, FSU & Fraser Davidson, DFO