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Abstract-author [A-B]

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Abstracts submitter are listed in alphabetical order

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Authors A-B


Ref-noPrimary authorAffiliationCountryAbstract TitleSessionPresentation type & pdfs
S3.1-01Agoshkov, ValeryINM RASRussiaThe Black Sea as a natural test laboratory of operational oceanography3.1Poster
S3.1-02Aguiar, AlessandroFederal University of BahiaBrazilUpwelling Processes along a Western Boundary Current: the Abrolhos-Campos Region(15°S - 23°S), Brazil3.1 Poster (0.7 MB)
S2.2-01Aikman, FrankNOAA Ocean Coast SurveyUnited StatesDevelopment and Implementation of Operational Coastal Forecasting Systems by NOAA’s National Ocean Service2.2Poster
S3.6-01Akella, SanthaNASAUnited StatesCoupled GEOS-DAS: Via Sea Surface Skin Temperature Assimilation3.6Poster (3.6 MB)
S3.2-01Alonso Balmaseda, MagdalenaECMWFUnited KingdomQuantifying the impact of the Ocean Observing System in reanalysis of the global ocean3.2Poster (1 MB)
S3.3-01Alonso Balmaseda, MagdalenaECMWFUnited KingdomEvaluation of the ECMWF ORAS4 ocean reanalysis system3.3 Poster (0.7 MB)
S3.1-03Amorim, FabiolaREMOBrazilWind and Western Boundary Currents driven the Eastern Brazilian Shelf Circulation (10S - 16S): a numerical study3.1 Poster (1.2 MB)
S3.1-04Backeberg, BjornNansen-Tutu Centre, Univ. Cape TownSouth AfricaAssimilating along-track SLA data using the EnOI in an eddy resolving model of the Agulhas system3.1Poster (0.3 MB)
S2.2-02Bahurel, PierreMercator OceanFranceMyOcean: a pilot project for the European Copernicus Marine Service2.2Oral (4 MB)
S3.3-02Barron, CharlieNRLUnited StatesValidation of Navy Ocean Forecasting Systems in Trident Warrior 133.3Poster
S4.3-01Barron, CharlieNRLUnited StatesDeveloping Future Data Assimilation Capabilities for Operational Navy Oceanography4.3 Poster
S3.2-02Bayler, EricNOAA/NESDIS/STARUnited StatesPreliminary Results from Assimilating SMOS Satellite Sea-Surface Salinity Fields in an NCEP Operational Ocean Forecast System3.2 Poster (1MB)
S2.3-01Bell, MikeMet OfficeUnited KingdomApplications of operational oceanography within the UK2.3Poster (1.4MB)
S3.2-03Benkiran, MounirCLSFranceImpact of the assimilation of high-frequency data in a regional model3.2Poster
S3.2-04Benkiran, MounirCLSFranceImpact of the assimilation of the High-Resolution Sea surface Temperature in forecast model3.2 Poster
S3.1-05Bertino, LaurentNERSCNorwayModeling and data assimilation developments of the TOPAZ system in support of operational oceanography in the Arctic3.1Poster
S2.2-03Blockley, EdMet OfficeUnited KingdomRecent development of the Met Office FOAM system: an overview and assessment of the new Global FOAM forecasts2.2 Poster (3 MB)
S4.2-01Bonekamp, HansEUMETSATGermanyExplaining the Sentinel-3 Marine Centre4.2Poster (1.7 MB)
S4.2-02Bonekamp, HansEUMETSATGermanyGMES-PURE: Shaping the marine GMES/COPERNICUS user requirements4.2Poster (0.6 MB)
S3.1-06Bourdalle-Badie, RomainMercator OceanFranceA 2-equation vertical mixing scheme in NEMO ocean code3.1Poster (3 MB)
S4.3-02Boyer, TimUS National Oceanographic Data CenterUnited StatesA historical quality-controlled temperature and salinity dataset for assimilation and climate studies – an international approach4.3 Poster
S2.2-04Brassington, GaryCAWCR/Bureau of MeteorologyAustraliaOcean Model, Analysis and Prediction System (OceanMAPS)2.2 Poster
S3.1-07Brassington, GaryCAWCR/Bureau of MeteorologyAustraliaMulti-cycle ensemble ocean forecasting3.1Poster