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Abstract-author [H]

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Authors H


Ref-noPrimary authorAffiliationCountryAbstract TitleSessionPresentation type & pdfs
S3.2-08Hackert, EricUNIV OF MD / ESSICUnited StatesImpact of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Assimilation on ENSO Forecasts for the Tropical Indo-Pacific3.2 Poster (2.9 MB)
S2.3-02Hackett, BruceNERSCNorwayUse of MyOcean/GODAE data products in downstream services in Norway2.3 Poster (3 MB)
S3.4-03Halliwell, GeorgeNOAA/AOML/PhODUnited StatesOSSE Evaluation of Rapid Airborne Ocean Observing Strategies in the Gulf of Mexico3.4 Poster (3.7 MB)
S3.4-04 Best posterHe, RuoyingNorth Carolina State UniversityUnited StatesAn integrated Ocean Circulation, Wave, Atmosphere and Marine Ecosystem Prediction System for the South Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Mexico3.4 Poster
S3.5-03He, RuoyingNorth Carolina State UniversityUnited StatesPredicting Harmful Algal Blooms in the Gulf of Maine: From Event Hindcasting to Seasonal Forecasting3.5 Poster
S3.3-06Hernandez, FabriceIRD / Mercator OceanFranceCLIVAR-GSOP/GODAE ocean synthesis intercomparison of sea level variability3.3Poster
S3.3-07Hernandez, FabriceIRD / Mercator OceanFranceCLIVAR-GSOP/GODAE ocean synthesis intercomparison of depth of the 20°C isotherm (D20) variability3.3 Poster
S2.1-07Hill, KatyWorld Meteorological OrganisationSwitzerlandThe Ocean Observations Panel for Climate (OOPC): taking a systems approach to observing System design and assessment2.1Poster (0.8 MB)
S2.2-06Hogan, PatrickNRLUnited StatesThe Navy’s Global Ocean Forecast System: Recent Advancements and Plans for the Future2.2 Poster
S3.2-09Huang, XinmeiAustralian Bureau of MeteorologyAustraliaMonitoring real-time observational data used by operational OceanMAPS3.2Poster (0.5 MB)