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Session 2 Abstracts

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Session 2 - Operational Oceanography Infrastructure: 15 Years of Progress

Session conveners: Ed Harrison, Mike Bell and Hui Wang

This session has 3 sub-sessions. Please click on the links to view the related abstracts:

Session 2.1: National and International Efforts for a Sustained Ocean Observing System

Session2.2: Evolution of National and Regional Ocean Forecasting and Analysis Systems: From Demonstrating Feasibility to Robust Services

Session 2.3: Overview of downstream applications & services


Description of Session 2

GODAE OceanView (GOV) was set up in 2009 as an international program to take over the legacy from the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE). In addition, GODAE OceanView has broadened the scope of GODAE by implementing new Task Teams and by widening its collaboration to established international and intergovernmental research groups.

The GOV Science team (GOVST)) strives to fulfill the overall GODAE OceanView objectives

  1. to lead the scientific development of operational oceanography
  2. to improve the accuracy and utility of the corresponding numerical prediction services
  3. to promote the downstream use of these services,
  4. to support the transition to truly operational services, and
  5. to demonstrate the value of the global ocean observing systems.

The GOV Science Team is an international forum in which leading scientists involved in operational oceanography share their knowledge and expertise in advancing operational ocean forecasting systems , discuss emerging scientific and technical issues and work together on suitable solutions. A review of progress made in improving the operational oceanography infrastructure will be covered in Session 2.

GOV has established five task teams which address specific topics of particular importance to GODAE OceanView, working in collaboration with external experts or representatives of other international research programs. Symposium Session 3 will cover the outcomes and achievements of the task team activities, which among other things will focus on the prediction of the marine ecosystem, of the coastal and shelf seas and the high resolution ocean atmosphere coupling.

GOV is following the GODAE concept of freely sharing ocean information and tools, and through its activities establishes links and collaborations with international and intergovernmental research groups and programs.