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Session 4 Abstracts

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Session 4 - A vision for the Future of Ocean Forecasting

Session conveners: Clemente Tanajura, Andreas Schiller and Pierre-Yves Le Traon

This session has 3 sub-sessions. Please click on the links to view the related abstracts:


Description of Session 4

GODAE OceanView has carried forward the legacy of GODAE and has guided the development and international coordination of global operational oceanography over recent years as this symposium will demonstrate. It has also supported the development of regional-to-coastal reanalysis and forecasting systems for specific applications that usually demand very high resolution and a multidisciplinary approach. Numerous aspects of operational oceanography such as coastal oceanography, biogeochemical modelling and observing system evaluation still face many research challenges and require ongoing international collaboration. Equally important is the maintenance and improvement of the global ocean observing system to constrain ocean models and to best serve applications, strongly supported and enhanced by GODAE OceanView initiatives. Recent scientific and technological progress shows that significant improvements in the quality of marine services have been achieved but opportunities exist to further improve utility and uptake of operational oceanography products by end users. The aim of this session will be to review and evaluate the overall impact and success GODAE OceanView had on ocean forecasting in the last 5 years and to discuss challenges and research priorities for future activities.