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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts


(GODAE OceanView - OSEval-TT/GSOP-CLIVAR (& E-AIMS) International Workshop)

(Last web-update - 1 December 2014)

Download all available abstracts (pdf) or click on the title links in the table below for individual download or


Abstract categories (for oral and poster submissions):

 1Status / results for each observing system
 bTropical Observing System


 2Review of the approaches/ methods
 aRoutine monitoring: limitations, potential improvements
 cOSSE: nature run or observations and error simulations?
 dAlternative methods: which methods are mature enough to be implemented in the operational systems?


 3How to promote and sustain OSEval-TT and CLIVAR-GSOP activities?
 aHow to enhance the coordination between GOV OSEval and Clivar GSOP?
 bHow to enhance the link with observation agencies (space and in-situ) and intergovernemental bodies (GOOS, OOPC,...)?
 cHow the TT could become an authoritative source of advice and evidence on the relevance and impact of the observing system?


IDSurnameFirst nameAffiliationAbstract titleCategoryAbstract acceptance
1BenkiranMounirCLSPreparation of the Mission Swot2DORAL
2BourassaMarkCOAPS, Florida State UniversityDevelopment of a New Approach to Accuracy Assessment of Ocean ObservationsTBCPOSTER
3De MeyPierreLEGOSEnsemble-based array performance assessment2DORAL
4FoliBennet AUniversity of GhanaMonitoring of Ocean conditions: An approach to ensuring safety at sea for artisanal fishers in Western Africa1DPOSTER
5FujiiYosukeJMA/MRIEvaluation of the Tropical Pacific Observing System from the Ocean Data Assimilation Perspective in the TPOS2020 Workshop1BORAL
6FujiiYosukeJMA/MRIRecent ocean observation system evaluation studies in JMA/MRI2B, 2DPOSTER
7GehlenMarionLaboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'EnvironnementThe Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network: Multidisciplinary observations from the Air-Sea Interface to the Deep Seafloor1CPOSTER
8GuinehutStephanieCLSMonitoring the Ocean from observations1A, 1D, 2BORAL
9HillKatyWMO/ OOPCThe Ocean Observations Panel for Climate: Setting systems-based requirements for ocean observations and reviewing implementation3BORAL
10KingRobertUK Met OfficeThe impact of Argo on short-term coupled prediction using OSEs and OSSEs1A, 2B, 2CORAL
11LaloyauxPatrickECMWFObserving system evaluation in a coupled assimilation system at ECMWF2BORAL
12LeeTongJPL/NASAAquarius update and assimilation of Aquarius data  ORAL
13MasudaShuheiJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)Toward an Optimal Design of Deep Profiling Float NetworkTBCORAL
14PistoiaJennyINGVOSEs and OSSEs with ARGO Assimilation in the Mediterranean Sea1A, 2CORAL
15RemyElizabethMercator OceanArgo data assimilation impact on Mercator Ocean global analysis and forecasts1A, 2BORAL
16ShiLiBoMAn Assessment of Upper Ocean Salinity Content from the Ocean Reanalyses Inter-comparison Project (ORA-IP)2B, 2CPOSTER
17Siva reddySINCOISImpact of Global Ocean Observation systems on ocean analysis using INCOIS-GODAS1A, 1B, 2BORAL
18SmithNevilleUnaffiliatedThe TPOS project1BORAL
19ValdiviesoMariaDepartment of Meteorology, University of ReadingA Comparison of Air-Sea Heat Flux Products From Ocean Reanalyses2,3POSTER
20VernieresGuillaumeNASA/GSFCThe Impact of the Assimilation of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity Data in the GEOS Ocean Data Assimilation SystemTBCORAL
21VerrierSimonIfremer/Mercator OceanImpact of currents and future altimetric missions on ocean analysis and forecastingTBCORAL
22WeddRobinBureau of MeteorologyArgo Real-Time Quality Control Intercomparison2APOSTER
23XueYanNCEP/NOAAReal-time Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison for Quantifying Uncertainties in Ocean Reanalyses and Monitoring Climate Variability2APOSTER
24XueYanNCEP/NOAAEvaluation of Tropical Pacific Observing Systems Using NCEP and GFDL Ocean Data Assimilation Systems2BORAL