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Oral and poster presentations

Puertos del Estado, Madrid, Spain , 19-21 September 2018

6th COSS-TT International coordincation meeting (ICM-6)


View the sessions/presentations by clicking on the internal link below (for files larger than 10 MB size is shown):


Welcome and overview presentations

0.1Meeting objectives and discussionVilly KourafalouUniversity of MiamiUSA
0.2Overview of Puertos del Estado activitiesEnrique Alvarez and Marcos G. SortilloPuertos del EstadoSpain
0.3Coastal Mini review paper (OceanObs 19)Pierre de Mey-FrémauxLEGOSFrance
0.4The role of COSS-TT in GODAE OceanViewJohn SiddornMet OfficeUK


Session 1: Science in support of coastal ocean forecasting

1.1Coupling watersheds, estuaries and regional seas through numerical modelling for Western Iberia: Regional sea surface salinity patterns (10.1 MB)Francisco CampuzanoMARETEC - Instituto Superior Tecnico - Universidade de LisboaPortugal
1.2Multi-scale coastal circulation in the Bay of Biscay (75.5 MB)Guillaume Charria Sebastian TheettenIFREMER / LOPSFrance
1.3Outcomes of the ISSI workhsop 2018 --- Modelling gaps in coastal / regional models for climate studies + discussions on links woth WCRP and CLIVAR (51.8 MB)Mauro CiranoUFRJ/REMOBrazil
1.4Revisiting the DeepWater Horizon spill: Effects of oil droplet spectra formulations and river Fronts (presented by Cecilie Wettre)Lars Hole
Cecile Wettre
Met NoNorway
1.5Full reversal of the surface Atlantic Jet: a multi-model intercomparison exercise in the Strait of GibraltarPablo LorentePuertos del EstadoSpain
1.6Development of China Coastal Sea Surface Temperature Forecasting ProductYun LiNMEFCChina
1.7Cascading ocean basins: numerical simulations of the circulation and inter-basin exchange in the Azov-Black-Marmara-Mediterranean Seas systemEmil StanevHZGGermany
1.8GCOAST: Geesthacht Coastal ocean-waves-atmosphere coupled model systemJoanna StanevaHZGGermany
1.9A box model to represent estuarine dynamics in mesoscale resolving ocean modelGeorgia VerriCMCCItaly


Session 2: Added value of observing networks in the coastal ocean continuum

2.1SWOT Surface Water and Ocean TopographyNadia AyoubLEGOS/CNRSFrance
2.2Dynamical constraints for variational analysis of high-frequency radar surface currentsAlexander BarthUniversity of LiegeBelgium
2.3Surface circulation improvements through HF radar data assimilation in a high resolution regional modelJaime HernandezSOCIBSpain
2.4Data assimilation in the West Coast Ocean Forecast System (WCOFS)Alexander KurapovNOAAUSA
2.5EUROGOOS Coastal Working Group: The Value Chain in Observing Europe's coastsJoanna StanevaHZGGermany


Session 3: Ecosystem responses to the physical drivers in coastal regions

3.1Overview of MEAP-TT activities relevant to COSSKatja FennelDALCanda
3.2Origin of high chlorophyll band along the East Korea Warm Current in the Japan/East Sea (11.5 MB)Byoung-Yu ChoiChonnam National UniversityRepublic of Korea
3.3The Near Real-time, Coupled BGC/Physical 4D-Var DA system in the California Current (22.7 MB)Christopher EdwardsUCSCUSA
3.4Deoxygenation Trends and Their Ecosystem Impacts in Atlantic CanadaKatja FennelDALCanada
3.5Coupled Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling of Eutrophication/Hypoxia off Hong Kong WatersJianping GanHong Kong University of S&TChina
3.6Coastal ocean data assimilation experiment with small-scale fisheriesNaoki HiroseKyushu UniversityJapan
3.7A coupled hydrodynamic-BGC DA system for the Great Barrier Reef: progress and challengesEmlyn JonesCSIROAustralia
3.8Temperature Assimilation into an Operational Coastal Ocean-Biogeochemical Model of the North and Baltic Seas: Assessment of Weakly and Strongly Coupled Data AssimilationLars NergerAWIGermany

Session 4: Operational and pre-operational ocean forecasting systems

4.1Shelf-coastal seamless Mediterranean-Black sea model nested in Atlantic Ocean (presented by Giorgia Verri)Ivan Federico
Giorgia Verri
4.2Modelling the drift of marine litter in the Bay of BiscayLuis Ferrer RodriguezAZTISpain
4.3COMPAS - a coastal version of MPAS-OMike HerzfeldCSIROAustralia
4.4Developments in the Met Office operational shelf seas forecasting system: model resolution, data assimilation and couplingRob KingMet OfficeUK
4.5IBIRYS: a Regional High Resolution Reanalysis (physical and biogeochemical) of the last 26 years (1992-2017) over the European North East ShelfBruno LevierMercator OceanFrance
4.6A review of down-scaling ocean forecasting efforts for Canadian waters: from global to basins, shelf, coastal and nearshore applicationsYouyu LuDFOCanada
4.7On the performance of 4D-Var and an Ensemble Adjustment Kalman Filter applied to the California Current SystemAndy MooreUCSCUSA
4.8Quasi-Operational Ocean Forecasting Systems at CMREAndrea StortoCMREItaly
4.9Coastal Upwelling representation on a 4DVar Regional Modeling System - CABO FRIO (23° S - 42° W)Gabriel Vieira de CarvalhoProoceanoBrazil


Session 5: Conclusions

5.1Session 1 summaryGiorgia Verri and Marcos Garcia SotilloCMCC and Puertos del EstadoItaly and Spain
5.2Session 2 summaryYouyu Lu and Katja FennelDFO and Dalhousie UniversityCanada
5.3Session 3 summaryJohn Siddorn and Joanna StanevaMet Office and HZGUK and Germany
5.4Session 4 summaryChris Edwards and Yeqiang ShuUCSC and South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CASUSA and China
5.5Meeting conclusionsPierre de MeyLEGOSFrance


Task Team meeting presentations

6.1TT Business meetingPierre De Mey-FremauxLEGOSFrance




PresenterAffiliationPoster titleCountry
S1 / P.1Mauro CiranoUFRJ/REMOObservations of Near-Inertial Oscillations along the Brazilian Continental Shelf BreakBrazil
S2 / P.2Mauro CiranoUFRJ/REMOOn the propagation of Coastal-Trapped Waves in the Brazilian Continental ShelfBrazil
S2 / P.3Jian LiSCSIOThe comprehensive investigation of Eastern Indian Ocean in 2018China
S2 / P.4Danian LiuSCSIOTargeted observation analysis of a Northwestern Tropical Pacific Ocean mooring array using an ensemble-based methodChina
S2 / P.5Ananda PascualIMEDEA/CSIC-UIBPre-SWOT multi-platform experiment on the South West Mediterranean SeaSpain
S2 / P.6Yeqiang ShuSCSIOAssimilation of Northwestern Tropical Pacific moored velocity data in a regional ocean modeling: Low frequency capabilitiesChina
S2 / P.7Joanna StanevaHZGSynergy between satellite observations and model simulations during extreme eventsGermany
S2 / P.8Weiqiang WangSCSIOThe Role of the Moored Current data in the Multi-source Western Pacific Observing System from the Ocean Data Assimilation PerspectiveChina
S3 / P.9Vassilios VervatisUniversity of AthensEnsemble consistency analysis in coastal ecosystems: the Bay of Biscay paradigmGreece
S4 / P.10Baptiste MourreSOCIBPre-operational WMOP data-assimilative predictions in the Western Mediterranean Sea: preliminary evaluationSpain
S4 / P.11Joanna StanevaHZGSatellite data for systematic validation of wave model results in the Black SeaGermany
S4 / P.12Wei ZhouSCSIOEvaluation of the tropical variability from a real-time operational global ocean data assimilation system in the BeijingChina