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The venue for the COSS-TT international workshop is the Rincon Beach Resort  (please view map here.)

We have arranged the following transfer support for participants for the COSS-TT ICW3. Updated 17 Jan 2014. 

Rincon Beach Resort Rincon Beach Resort


How to get to Rincon Beach Resort

By plane

You would normally arrive at the main intenational airport (Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport) located close to San Juan on the northside of the island. From there you have different options to continue your journey to the Rincon Beach Resort.

One possibility is to continue by plane and fly to the small airport in Aquadilla, Rafael Hernández Airport, which is closley located to the Ricon Beach Resort (ca.30 km / 30 min by car). Alternaitvely you could continue your journey by bus, taxi or hire car.

By bus

There is NO public bus, so we are considering to hire a coach that would collect workshop participants from the airport in San Juan and brings them to the Rincon Beach Resort and if needed to other hotels in the area. To arrange a coach we need to know whether you are interested and we have set up a survey to find out. Please provide your input by clicking here. The survey will also collect information about meal preference, dinner and shared car spaces.

By car

There are different companies offering car rental from the San Juan Airport. Please check websites for more information.

Online I've found directions of how to get from the San Juan airport to Rincon Beach (no warrenty that these are correct). Please note that some of the roads will be toll roads so have change available:

When travelling by car try to avoid the rush hour (3-5pm). From Condado take 18 sur/oeste (south/west) until it merges with 22. Get into the center-right lane. Exits (Salida) come up fast so be looking far ahead for signs. You want to take 22 oeste (west). As a point of reference, don't confuse oeste with este (east). This is a toll road, but like an interestate highway. There are four tolls leaving San Juan, so you'll need about $4.25 in quarters leaving and about the same returning. Take 22 until it merges with 2 at Arecibo. You want to be going west (oeste) on 2. This is a primary road with stop lights and you will stay on it until you reach the Rincon area. I wouldn't go through Aguada as this can be confusing to someone unfamiliar with the area. I usually go past Aguada on 2 and catch 115 where it reenters 2 along with 402 and 109. Here, you'll want to turn right onto 115. If you pass over the Rio Cana and by the old railroad bridge, you've gone too far and will soon be in Mayaguez. Take 115 into Rincon (its a few minutes of driving). Once you pass the baseball field and see that the road is seperated by mango trees, you're getting close. There is a large paneria on the right and soon after you'll want to turn onto Calle 11 to the left. This is a small, local street and you may miss it the first time as many streets aren't signed. If I recall, there is a gas station on the corner. Take Calle 11 until you see Calle 8 (which I believe Coconut Palms Inn is located) and turn right. If you miss Calle 8 and reach the beach, then you've just passed it. The Inn should be a few blocks down and on the left on Calle 8, but you may wish to contact the Inn for better detailed directions. Maps are available from the airport/ gift shop.

By Taxi/shuttle

It is possbible to take a taxi/shuttle from the airport in San Juan to Rincon Beach Resort but it could be costly and will take 2-3 hours.

Please check website. Here are a few possibilties:

Rincon Vacations.com

San Juan Airport Transfer