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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts


COSS-TT & ARCOM workshop (ICW4):

(Last web-update - 7 September 2015)


On overview of all abstracts submitted to this workshop is available from this website.


Abstract categories (for oral and poster submissions):


 Recurrent themes at every workshop:
 1Progress of ongoing coastal ocean forecasting projects in the world coastal oceans, with a particular focus on work done by COSS community members since the previous workshops
 2Applications in coastal oceans, and science in support of those applications
 Special ICW4 themes:
 3Data and metrics to assess the quality of Regional and Coastal Ocean Forecasting Systems for science and applications (in coordination with the IV-TT and with the EU COST action EOS WG4)
 4Linages with other groups
 6Using altimetry products in regional/coastal ocean models for assimilation and validation (ARCOM)


IDFirst nameSurnameAffiliationAbstract titlePresentation preferenceCategory
 1YannisAndroulidakisAristotle University of ThessalonikiOperational oceanographic platform in Thermaikos Gulf (Greece): forecasting and emergency alert system for public useoral 2
2NguyenBa ThuyNational Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam (NHMS)Storm Surge Prediction in Vietnamoral1
3MounirBenkiranCLS/Mercator-OceanImpact of the assimilation of high-frequency data in a regional modeloral (Marie Drevillon)ARCOM
4JeromeBouffardESA - RHEACryoSat Mission: Perspectives for Regional Operational OceanographyoralARCOM
5LucyBrichenoNational Oceanography CentreUK Environmental Prediction - integration and evaluation at the convective scaleoral3
6FranciscoCampuzanoMaretec - Instituto Superior TecnicoCoupling of watersheds, estuaries and regional seas through numerical modelling for Western Iberiaoral1
7FranciscoCampuzanoMaretec - Instituto Superior TecnicoEvaluation of waves and currents using data obtained by the Altika/Saral satellite, the Wave Glider autonomous vehicle and numerical modelling in the surroundings of the Nazaré Canyon (Portugal).posterARCOM
8YiChaoRemote Sensing Solutions, Inc.California Coastal Ocean and its Interactions with San Francisco Bay/Estuary: From Tides to Seasonal-to-Interannual Times Scalesoral1
9GuillaumeCharriaIfremer(Sub)mesoscale dynamics at interannual time scales in the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel from a high resolution experimentoral1
10Byoung-JuChoiKunsan National UniversityResponse of a thermohaline front and small scale eddies to wind variations in the Korea Straitoral1
11PaoloCipolliniNational Oceanography CentreRecovering more and better Data from Satellite Altimetry in the Coastal Zone: A Community Effort oralARCOM
12PaoloCipolliniNational Oceanography CentreA Global Coastal Altimetry Dataset for Coastal Dynamics and Sea Level ResearchposterARCOM
13MauroCiranoREMOExchange processes between the Baia de Todos os Santos and the Eastern Brazilian Shelf: the impact of downscaling from a 1/12 Ocean Forecasting System to a bay/coastal regional systemoral1
14Hildade PabloMARETECAnthropogenic discharges in coastal areas: Monitoring and Modelingoral2
15Jean-DamienDesjonqueresCNESAltimeter Products for Coastal and Shelf Seas on AVISO website posterARCOM
 16MarieDrevillonMercator OceanEvaluation of Ocean Syntheses “EOS” COST action : a European networking effort for better information on the quality of Ocean Syntheses for various applications, including downscaling and model nestingoral3
17ClaireDufauCLSVaries presentationsoralARCOM
18ChristopherEdwardsUC Santa CruzA coupled, 4-dimensional variational data assimilation system for regional ocean state estimation of physical and biological variablesposterCOSS
19RomainEscudierSOCIBMesoscales eddies in the Western Mediterranean Sea: characterization from satellite altimetry and regional simulationsposterARCOM
20FangxinFangImperial College LondonAdaptive mesh ensemble data assimilation applied to an unstructured ocean modeloral1
21IvanFedericoCMCCHigh-resolution unstructured-grid coastal modeling and forecasting in Southern Adriatic Northern Ionian seasoral1
22RodrigoFernandesMARETEC - Instituto Superior TecnicoFrom deep-sea to the beach: a holistic approach to oil and HNS spill risk managementoral2
23MauricioFragosoPROOCEANO4DVAR Data Assimilation Within The Santos Basin Ocean Observing System: Implementation and Resultsoral1
24JianpingGanHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyOn open boundary condition for tidally and sub-tidally forced circulation in a limited-area coastal modeloral1
25LonnekeGoddijn-MurphyERIWave energy resource assessment with SARALAltiKa satellite altimetryoral2
26RuoyingHeNorth Carolina State UniversityA Coupled Ocean Circulation, Wave, Atmosphere and Marine Ecosystem Prediction System for the Northwest Atlantic Oceanoral1
27Ki-YoungHeoKIOSTDevelopment of the Operational Oceanographic System of KoreaposterCOSS
28FabriceHernandezMercator OceanOverview of recent progresses of validation and intercomparison GOV activity of global forecasting systems oral3
29MikeHerzfeldCSIROTransport models applied to coastal oceanographyoral2
28NaokiHiroseKyushu UniversityNumerical prediction of abrupt appearance of strong current in the Southeastern Japan SeaposterCOSS
29IsabelIglesiasUniversity of PortoValidation of oceanic numerical model solutions using different satellite altimetry productsoralARCOM
30FrankJanssenBSHOperational forecasting for the German Coastoral2
31MelanieJuzaSOCIBRegional skill assessment of the SOCIB forecasting system at various timescales in the Western Mediterranean SeaposterCOSS
32MasafumiKamachiMRI-JMADevelopment of a coastal monitoring and forecasting system in MRIoral1
33Franck EitelKemgang GhomsiFisheries and Oceanographic Research Station - IRADAnalysis of Coastal Upwelling at the north of Gulf of Guinea from operational model and observations.posterCOSS
34VillyKourafalouUniversity of MiamiObserving System Simulation Experiments in the North Atlantic Ocean hurricane region: system evaluation and regional applicationsoral3
35YannisKrestinitisAristotle University of ThessalonikiOperational oceanographic platform in Thermaikos Gulf (Greece): forecasting and emergency alert system for public useoral2
36AlexanderKurapovOregon State UniversityThe US West Coast Ocean Forecast Systemoral1
37BrunoLevierMercator OceanIBIRYS: a Regional High Resolution Reanalysis (physical and biogeochemical) over the European North East Shelforal3
38GuimeiLiuNMEFCDevelopment and Application of the China Sea Operational Oceanography Forecasting Systemoral1
40JanMaksymczukMet OfficeNew assessment of MyOcean forecasting systems in European Seas using process oriented metricsoral3
41AvichalMehraNOAA/NWS/NCEPUpgrade of the Operational Global Real Time Ocean Forecast Systemoral3
42AndrewMooreUniversity of California Santa CruzAn analysis of the impact of the California Current observing system on 4D-Var circulation estimates spanning three decadesoralARCOM
43BaptisteMourreSOCIBSOCIB Western Mediterranean ocean forecasting system: recent progress and data assimilation experimentsoral1
44LarsNergerAlfred Wegener InstituteThe HBM-PDAF assimilation system for forecasts of physics and biogeochemistry in the North and Baltic Seasoral1
45LigiaPintoMARETECAn operational model for the Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone: downscaling from the large scale to the regional levelposterCOSS
46JamesRichmanNaval Research LaboratoryImpact of internal Tides on Boundary Conditions for Regional Modelsoral1
47ManuelRuiz VillarrealInstituto Espanol de OceanografiaThe IEO coastal observatory: understanding variability of coastal circulation and ecosystem response off North and North West Iberiaoral1
48AndyRyanMet OfficeGODAE OceanView Class 4 intercomparisonoral3
49RemkoScharrooEUMETSATProspects for the Use of Satellite Altimetry in Coastal RegionsoralARCOM
50EmilStanevInstitue for Coastal ResearchSpatial evolution of tidal spectra: From shelf seas to estuariesoral1
51JoannaStanevaInstitute for Coastal ResearchImpact of wave-current interaction in coastal ocean forecasting systemsoral1
52JoannaStanevaInstitute for Coastal ResearchNorth Sea-Baltic Sea Ocean State Predictions by assimilating of temperature and salinity dataposterCOSS
53Guilherme AugustoStefanelo FranzIST - MARETECFrom regional to local scale modelling on the south-eastern Brazilian shelf: Case study of Paranagua estuarine systemposterCOSS
54RicardoTavares da CostaLNECHigh-resolution operational forecasting of extreme sea levels along the Portuguese coastposterCOSS
55GunnarTietzeMiTiNMITIN - How to link public bodies, private enterprise and academia for coastal responsibilityoral4
56RaquelTosteUFRJThe effect of salinity data assimilation on ocean circulation estimation in the Brazilian Continental Shelforal1
57RaquelTosteUFRJEddy system representation on an assimilative numerical model for Santos Basin region (Brazil)posterCOSS
58Andrevan der WesthuysenIMSG at NOAA/NWS/NCEPA Wave, Surge and Inundation Modeling Testbed for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islandsoral1
59TsuyoshiWakamatsuJAMSTECImpact studies of wide-swath altimetry measurements on the quality of ocean mesoscale features retrieved by variational data assimilationposterARCOM
60CecilieWettreNorwegian Meteorological InstituteObservation-based evaluation of surface wave effects on currents and trajectory forecastsoral1
61JohnWilkinRutger's UniversityFirst things first: Mean sea surface and dynamic topographyoralARCOM
62XiaobaoYouImperial College London3D anisotropic-adaptive-mesh barotropic and baroclinic modelling of idealized wind-driven ocean circulationposterCOSS