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Pilot ARCOM workshop


Altimetry for Regional and Coastal Ocean Models (ARCOM)

Link to the GOV COSS-TT (Focus Area 3)


Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal



Through its provision of global, routine estimates of sea level and currents, satellite altimetry has been instrumental at launching large-scale ocean forecasting activities in the ‘90s. Nowadays, altimetry is routinely used to constrain large-scale ocean models in operational centers and in research groups. Modern altimetry does an increasingly better job, in conjunction with in situ data, at meeting some of the needs of regional and coastal modellers, e.g. via the availability of merged multi-mission products with enhanced spectral contents and reaching closer to the coasts. Regional mean sea surface products and altimetry-based tidal solutions become commonplace. Future missions such as SWOT (wide-swath altimetry) promise an even better match to the modellers needs in coastal and shelf seas and estuaries. However, despite those advances, and despite the fact that in situ data are sparse in many coastal ocean regions, the availability and potential of altimetry products are still often ignored by the regional and coastal ocean modelling community.

The COSS-TT has also started to build stronger links with the Coastal Altimetry Community to open up opportunities to facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas and to pave the way for routine assimilation of improved coastal altimetry data in coastal models.

A Pilot ARCOM 2015 workshop which is embedded in the 4th International Coordination Workshop (COSS-ICW4) of the GOV Coastal Oceans and Shelf Seas Task Team (GOV COSS-TT) as part of the COSS-TT Focus Area 3 is being organised and has the following objectives:

  1. Discuss the interest of sea level measurements for the regional/coastal ocean modellers
  2. Present the available altimetry missions and products; discuss recent advances and projects
  3. Discuss how altimetry can improve the forecast quality and enable new applications in the regional/coastal oceans
  4. Discuss how to use altimetry products in regional/coastal ocean models for assimilation and validation
  5. Establish concrete bindings between the COSS community and regional altimetry groups, and bridge their active workshops (ie. COSS-TT and CAW: Coastal Altimetry Workshop).


Attendance/ representation at the Pilot ARCOM workhsop

  • Members from the COSS-TT and community members
  • Regional and coastal ocean modellers.
  • Some altimetry specialists and involved private sector (e.g. storm-surge groups, altimetry products groups willing to cater to regional/coastal community).
  • Some space agencies


Organizing committee

  • Claire Dufau, CLS
  • Baptiste Mourre, SOCIB
  • John Wilkin, Rurgers University


Further information about the organisation of this workshop (as part of the COSS-TT workshop) is available from the COSS-ICW4 webpapges.