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Oral and poster presentations

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, 31 Aug - 4 Sep 2015

COSS-TT & ARCOM Workshop


View the sessions/presentations by clicking on the internal link below:


Welcome and Introduction

0.1Welcome and introductionKirsten Wilmer-BeckerMet OfficeUK
0.2Maretec overviewRamiro NevesISTPortugal
0.3GODAE OceanView and the COSS_TT (short introduction) Masafumi KamachiMRI-JMAJapan
0.4COSS-TT overview and objectives of the workshopPierre De Mey & Villy KourafalouLEGOS & University of MiamiFrance & USA


Session 1: Progress of ongoing coastal ocean forecasting science and projects in the world coastal oceans

1.1Coupling of watersheds, estuaries and regional seas through numerical modelling for Western IberiaFrancisco CampuzanoMaretec - Instituto Superior TecnicoPortugal
1.2Spatial evolution of tidal spectra: From shelf seas to estuariesEmil StanevHZGGermany
1.3High-resolution unstructured-grid coastal modeling and forecasting in Southern Adriatic Northern Ionian seas (13 MB)Ivan FedericoCMCCItaly
1.4The IEO coastal observatory: understanding variability of coastal circulation and ecosystem response off North and North West IberiaManuel Ruiz VillarealInstituto Espanol de OceanografiaSpain
1.5A Wave, Surge and Inundation Modeling Testbed for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin IslandsAndre Van der WesthuysenIMSG at NOAA/NWS/NCEPUSA
1.6Coupled Northwest Atlantic Prediction System (CNAPS)Ruoying HeNorth Carolina State UniversityUSA
1.7The US West Coast Ocean Forecast SystemAlexander KurapovOregon State UniversityUSA
1.8Exchange processes between the Baia de Todos os Santos and the Eastern Brazilian Shelf: the impact of downscaling from a 1/12 Ocean Forecasting System to a bay/coastal regional systemMauro CiranoREMOBrazil
1.94DVAR Data Assimilation Within The Santos Basin Ocean Observing System: Implementation and ResultsMauricio FragosoPROOCEANOBrazil
1.10SOCIB Western Mediterranean ocean forecasting system: recent progress and data assimilation experimentsBaptiste MourreSOCIBSpain
1.11The effect of salinity data assimilation on ocean circulation estimation in the Brazilian Continental ShelfRaquel TosteUFRJBrazil
1.12California Coastal Ocean and its Interactions with San Francisco Bay/Estuary: From Tides to Seasonal-to-Interannual Times ScalesYi ChaoRSS and University of California Los AngelesUSA
1.13Development of a coastal monitoring and forecasting system in MRI/JMAMsafumi KamachiMRI-JMAJapan
1.14Development and Application of the China Sea Operational Oceanography Forecasting System (presentation not available)Guimei LiuNMEFCChina
1.15Storm Surge Prediction in VietnamThuy Nguyen BaNational Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam, NHMSVietnam
1.16Response of a thermohaline front and small scale eddies to wind variations in the Korea StraitByoung-Ju ChoiKunsan National UniversitySouth Korea
1.17On open boundary condition for tidally and sub-tidally forced circulation in a limited-area coastal model (presentation not available)Jianping GanHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyChina
1.18Impact of internal Tides on Boundary Conditions for Regional ModelsJames RichmanNaval Research LaboratoryUSA
1.19Impact of wave-current interaction in coastal ocean forecasting systemsJoanna Staneva,HZG, Institute for Coastal ResearchGermany
1.20The HBM-PDAF assimilation system for forecasts of physics and biogeochemistry in the North and Baltic SeasLars NergerAlfred Wegener InstituteGermany
1.21(Sub)mesoscale dynamics at interannual time scales in the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel from a high resolution experiment (45 MB)Guillaume CharriaIfremerFrance
1.22Adaptive mesh ensemble data assimilation applied to an unstructured ocean modelFangxin FangImperial College LondonUK


Session 2: Applications in coastal oceans, and science in support of those applications

2.1From deep-sea to the beach: a holistic approach to oil and HNS spill risk managementRodrigo FernandesMARETEC, ISTPortugal
2.2Wave energy resource assessment with SARAL/AltiKa satellite altimetryLonneke Goddijn-MurphyERI, ScotlandUK
2.3Transport models applied to coastal oceanographyMike HerzfeldCSIRO,Australia
2.4Operational forecasting for the German CoastFrank JanssenBSHGermany
2.5Operational oceanographic platform in Thermaikos Gulf (Greece): forecasting and emergency alert system for public useYannis AndroulidakisUniversity of MiamiUSA
2.6Surface drifter experiments and oil drift modelling in coastal regionsCecilie WettreNorwegian Meteorological InstituteNorway
2.7Anthropogenic discharges in coastal areas: Monitoring and ModelingHilda de Pablo/ Claudia ViegasMARETEC, ISTPortugal


Session 3: Data and metrics to assess the added value of downscaling (session co-organized by the COSS-TT, the IV-TT, and the EU COST-EOS WG4 project)

3.1Introduction to Session 3: Data and metrics to assess the added value of downscalingPierre De Mey & Villy KourafalouLEGOS & University of MiamiFrance & USA
3.2Overview and introduction of Intercomparison & Validation Task Team activities on open ocean forecasting systemsFabrice HernandezIV-TT, Mercator OceanFrance
3.3GODAE OceanView IV-TT: class 4 updates and future plansAndy RyanMet OfficeUK
3.4New assessment of MyOcean forecasting systems in European Seas using process oriented metricsJan MaksymczukMet OfficeUK
3.5Evaluation of Ocean Syntheses COST-EOS action : a European network to inform the quality of Ocean Syntheses for applications, downscaling and model nestingMarie DrévillonMercator OceanFrance
3.6IBIRYS: a Regional High Resolution Reanalysis (physical and biogeochemical) over the European North East ShelfBruno LevierMercator OceanFrance
3.7Observing System Simulation Experiments in the North Atlantic Ocean hurricane region: system evaluation and regional applicationsVilly KourafalouUniversity of MiamiUSA
3.8UK Environmental Prediction - coupled coastal modelling at high resolution (48 MB)Lucy BrichenoNOCLUK
3.9Upgrade of RTOFS (Real Time Ocean Forecast System): Global and Regional MetricsAvichal MehraNOAAUSA

Session 4: Linkages with other groups and final discussion

4.1Introduction to GODAE OceanView (GOV)Kirsten Wilmer-BeckerMet OfficeUK
4.2GOV Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team: Plans & Thinking (13 MB)Chris EdwardsUC Santa CruzUSA
4.3ICW4 Final discussionPierre de Mey &Villy KourafalouLEGOS & University of MiamiFrance & USA


ARCOM (Altimetry for Regional and Coastal Ocean Models): Session presentations

AR.1Satellite altimetry data from insideClaire DufauCLSFrance
AR.2Recovering more and better Data from Satellite Altimetry in the Coastal Zone: A Community EffortPaolo CipolliniNOCUK
AR.3From Conventional Altimetry Missions to the CryoSat Mission: Perspectives for Regional Operational OceanographyJerome BouffardESA, ItalyItaly
AR.4Prospects for the Use of Satellite Altimetry in Coastal Regions with Sentinel missionsRemko ScharrooEUMETSATGermany
AR.5Use of Altimetry in Ocean modelsClaire DufauCLSFrance
AR.6An analysis of the impact of the California Current observing system on 4D-Var circulation estimates spanning three decadesAndrew MooreUC Santa CruzUSA
AR.7The impact of the assimilation of SLA along track Observation with high-frequency signal in IBI systemMarie DrevillonMercator OceanFrance
AR.8Validation of oceanic numerical model solutions using different satellite altimetry productsIsabel IglesiasUniversity of PortoPortugal
AR.9First things first: Mean sea surface and dynamic topographyJohn WilkinRutgers UniversityUSA
AR.10Zoom on reference surfaces (MSS, MDT)Claire DufauCLSFrance
AR.11High-frequency vs Low-Frequency SSH dynamics over COSSBaptiste MourreSOCIBSpain
AR.12Zoom on High-Frequency Corrections in altimetryClaire DufauCLSFrance



PC.1An operational model for the Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone: downscaling from the large scale to the regional levelLigia PintoMARETEC, ISTPortugal
PC.2High-resolution operational forecasting of extreme sea levels along the Portuguese coastRicardo Tavares da CostaLNECPortugal
PC.3From regional to local scale modelling on the south-eastern Brazilian shelf: Case study of Paranagua estuarine systemGuilherme Augusto Stefanelo FranzMARETEC, ISTPortugal
PC.4Eddy system representation on an assimilative numerical model for Santos Basin region (Brazil)Raquel TosteUFRJBrazil
PC.5Regional skill assessment of the SOCIB forecasting system at various timescales in the Western Mediterranean SeaMelanie JuzaSOCIBSpain
PC.6On the steady evolution of the IBI-MFC Narval Validation Web Tool: Novelties and Roadmap from MyOcean to CopernicusPablo Lorente JiminezPuertos del EstadoSpain
PC.7North Sea-Baltic Sea Ocean State Predictions by assimilating of temperature and salinity dataJoanna StanevaHZG, Institute for Coastal ResearchGermany
PC.8A coupled, 4-dimensional variational data assimilation system for regional ocean state estimation of physical and biological variablesChristopher EdwardsUniversity of California Santa CruzUSA
PC.9Numerical prediction of abrupt appearance of strong current in the Southeastern Japan SeaNaoki HiroseKyushu UniversityJapan
PC.10Development of the Operational Oceanographic System of KoreaKi-Young HeoKorean Institute of Ocean Science and TechnologySouth Korea
PC.123D anisotropic-adaptive-mesh barotropic and baroclinic modelling of idealized wind-driven ocean circulationYou, XiaobaoImperial College LondonUK
PA.1A Global Coastal Altimetry Dataset for Coastal Dynamics and Sea Level ResearchPaolo CipolliniNational Oceanography CentreUK
PA.3Evaluation of waves and currents using data obtained by the Altika/Saral satellite, the Wave Glider autonomous vehicle and numerical modelling in the surroundings of the Nazare Canyon (Portugal)Francisco CampuzanoMARETEC, ISTPortugal
PA.3Impact studies of wide-swath altimetry measurements on the quality of ocean mesoscale features retrieved by variational data assimilation (poster not available)Tsuyoshi WakamatsuJAMSTECJapan
PA.4Mesoscale eddies in the Western Mediterranean Sea: characterization from satellite altimetry and regional simulationsRomain EscudierSOCIBSpain
PA.5Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service Sea Level productsClaire DufauCLSFrance
PA.6Altimeter Products for Coastal and Shelf Seas on AVISO websiteJean-Damien DesjonqueresCNESFrance
PA.7Radar Altimeter Database System productsRemko ScharrooEUMETSATGermany