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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts


COSS-TT  International Coordination Meeting 5 (ICM5):

(Last web-update -  22 March 2017)


On overview of all abstracts submitted to this workshop is available from this website.


Abstract categories (for oral and poster submissions):


 Meeting topics / themes:
 1Science in support to coastal ocean forecasting with the following special themes in particular: representation of coastal upwellings and river plumes in models, including interdisciplinary aspects (bgc, sediments).
 2Coastal model assessment, with the following special theme in particular: comparison of large-scale and downscaled coastal systems with the same set of metrics (as agreed in Lisbon).
 3Altimetry for regional/coastal ocean models, with the following special theme in particular: processes influencing coastal sea-level dynamics, realistic modelling of those processes (ARCOM community session)
 4Operational and pre-operational ocean forecasting systems, with the following special themes in particular: coastal forecasting system description and updates; quality and performance of large-scale ocean forecasting systems in the coastal areas.



NoFirst nameSurnameAffiliationAbstract titlePresentation typeCategory
1NadiaAyoubLEGOS/CNRSSignificance of model-data comparisons for high-resolution coastal simulations: an example in the Bay of Biscay (North-East Atlantic)Poster2
2NguyenBa ThuyNational Centre for Hydrometeorological Forecasting - NCHMFThe after-runner storm surge along the north coast of Vietnam simulated by the 2D ROMS modelOral4
3BjornBackebergCSIR / Nansen-Tutu CentreAssessing how Agulhas Current surface velocities are affected by including sea surface temperature in a data assimilation system using HYCOM and the EnOIOral4
4MounirBenkiranMercator OceanHR porcesses assimilation in a 1/12 regiaonl modelOral4
5LauraBrabyDepartment of Oceanography, University of Cape TownObserved eddy dissipation in the Agulhas CurrentOral3
6LucyBrichenoNational Oceanography CentreThe UKC2 regional coupled prediction systemPoster4
7LucyBrichenoNational Oceanography CentreCoastal modelling of a mega delta; tide and river interactionsOral1
8LucyBrichenoNational Oceanography CentreAddressing Challenges of Coastal Communities through Ocean Research for Developing Economies (ACCORD).Poster1
9DeirdreByrneNational Department of Environmental Affairs, South AfricaDevelopment of an Infrastructure for South African Shelf and Coastal modellingPoster4
10GuillaumeCharriaIFREMER / LOPSOngoing research for a French coastal integrated ocean observing systemOral1
11Byoung-JuChoiKunsan National UniversityResponse of coastal ocean to the heavy rainfall in the mid-latitude coastal ocean: numerical simulations in the Yellow SeaOral1
12Jin-YongChoiKIOSTAn Improvement of model performance in according high resolution in the Coastal areaPoster2
13PaoloCipolliniNational Oceanography CentreAn overview of recent progress in Coastal Altimetry and its synergies with modelingOral3
14MauroCiranoREMOApplications of a high-resolution bay/coastal regional system to process studies at the Baia de Todos os Santos and adjacent Eastern Brazilian ShelfOral1
15CharineCollinsSouth African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON)Towards a Coastal Modelling System for South Africa: A St Helena Bay Case StudyPoster2
16PierreDe MeyCNRS/LEGOSStochastic Coastal/Regional Uncertainty Modelling: insights from ensemble sensitivity/consistency experiments Oral2
17PierreDe MeyCNRS/LEGOSCoastal ocean studies in the SWOT Science TeamOral3
18MarcosGarcia SotilloPuertos del EstadoComparison of global, regional and coastal operational model solutions in the IBI Area: A review of CMEMS core & PdE downstream ocean forecast services on Spanish coastal waters.Oral2
19ZulemaGarraffoIMSG at NOAA/NCEP/EMCPre-operational coastal ocean products at NOAA's NCEP/EMC.Oral4
20MikeHerzfeldCSIROGlobal and regional model comparison: OFAM vs eReefsOral2
21SerenaIlligIRDRemote versus local forcing of the Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems of the Southern HemisphereOral1
22FrankJanssenBSHOperational forecasting at the German coast - local vs. global modelsOral2
23MarjolaineKrugCSIRObservation challenges in the Agulhas Current and coastal and shelf regionsOralInvited
24AlexanderKurapovOregon State UniversityWest Coast Ocean Forecast System: skill assessments and analyses of anomalous oceanic conditions in 2014Oral4
25RitaLecciCMCC"From regional ocean to shelf coastal sea modeling: dynamical downscaling of the CMEMS (MED-MFC) products and estuarine dynamics representation" Oral1
26BrunoLevierMercator OceanRegional activities at Mercator OceanOral4
27GuimeiLiuNMEFCDevelopment and Application of the coastal Operational Forecasting System in ChinaOral4
28YouyuLuFisheries and Oceans CanadaHigh-resolution forecasting models based on NEMO for coastal waters around CanadaOral4
29NeilMalanUniversity of Cape Town/ SAEONModelling the impact of Large Agulhas Current Meanders on Shelf WatersOral1
30BaptisteMourreSOCIBModelling high-frequency sea level oscillations associated with meteotsunamis over the Balearic shelfOral3
31BaptisteMourreSOCIB"Operational oceanography and coastal forecasting" Joint Research Activity Project in JERICO-NEXT, the European Coastal Observatory NetworkPoster2
32BaptisteMourreSOCIBMulti-platform coastal model assessment and impact of downscaling in the Western Mediterranean SeaPoster2
33EndaO'DeaMet OfficeDevelopments in the Met Office shelf seas forecasting system: 3D data assimilation, high resolution and coupling.Oral4
34Kwang-SoonParkKorea Institute of Ocean Science and TechnologyRecent Development of Operational Forecasting System for Hydro-dynamic Characteristics over the seas around KoreaPoster4
35AnandaPascualIMEDEA(CSIC-UIB)A multiplatform experiment to unravel meso- and submesoscale processes in an intense front (AlborEx)Oral1
36BrunoPrimoLOF/COPPEDevelopment of a Brazilian Integrated Operation Forecast ModelPoster4
37MoninyaRoughanUNSWModelling and Observing the East Australian Current System and its impacts on shelf circulationPoster1
38SimonRuizIMEDEA (CSIC-UIB)Assessment of operational ocean forecasting systems in the Western Mediterranean using multiplatform in situ data and an eddy trackerOral2
39EmilStanevInstitute of Coastal Research, HZGInter-basin exchange in the Azov-Black-Marmara-Medirerranean SeasOral1
40JoannaStanevaInstitute for Coastal Research, HZGAn ocean-atmosphere-wave regional coupled model: improving predictions in the North Sea and Baltic SeaOral1
41FlorenceToublancCNESImpact of the tides, wind and shelf circulation on the Gironde river plume dynamicsOral1
42JenniferVeitchSAEONThe role of large-scale modes of climate variability on the Cape Point wave recordOral1
43EsteeVermeulenUniversity of Cape TownInvestigating the relationship between volume transport and sea surface height in the Agulhas Current using the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model.Oral3
45ZhaoyiWangNational Marine Enviromental Forecasting Center of ChinaApplication and improvement of Ensemble Optimal Interpolation on Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)Oral4
46CeclieWettreMet.noModeling the drift and spread of oil slicks in the Northern Gulf of Mexico using SAR imagery and forcing from a high-resolution hydrodynamic modelOral4
47JohnWilkinRutgers UniversityThe impact of satellite altimeter observations on data-assimilative model based estimates of circulation in the Mid-Atlantic BightOral3