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COSS-TT workshop 2012

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International Workshop of the Coastal and Shelf Seas Task Team

 Where:University of Miami, Florida, USA
 When:10-12 January 2012
 Duration:3 Days

Pierre De Mey (Co-chair of COSS-TT, LEGOS)
Villy Kourafalou (Co-chair of COSS-TT, University of Miami)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (GODAE OceanView coordinator, Met Office)


Workshop participants - January 2012


Presentations are available in pdf format (click here)

You can download the workshop group photo (here) and more photos (here)


Meeting report

The workshop report has now been published (May 2012).



The main goal of the Coastal Ocean and Shelf Seas Task Team (COSS-TT) is to work in coordination with GOV-ST and GOOS towards the provision of a sound scientific basis for sustainable multidisciplinary downscaling and forecasting activities in the world coastal oceans. The strategic goal of the TT is to help achieve a truly seamless framework from the global to the coastal/littoral scale. The TT Workplan is included in the main GOV Workplan available on the GOV web site and updated annually.


Main workshop objectives:

  1. Review ongoing coastal ocean forecasting projects in the world coastal oceans, with a particular focus in this workshop on model assessment;
  2. Define and implement an “adequate level” of international scientific coordination between coastal ocean forecasting projects, with the main goal of advancing science in support of coastal ocean forecasting, but considering scientific as well as operational/applicative objectives;
  3. Discuss linkages and establish a common framework that can be communicated to funding agencies with the goal of establishing funded pilot projects;
  4. Define the links with GOV, and in particular the steps to be taken to enhance the added value of GOV for coastal ocean forecasting projects, and of coastal ocean forecasting projects for GOV.



  • All Task Team members
  • For each TT member, a close collaborator if desired
  • Representatives from other TTs, espacially the Observing System Evaluation Task Team
  • A GODAE OceanView Project Officerepresentative
  • Representatives from relevant projects, such as PICO (Panel for Integrated Coastal Observation) and GOOS


Suggested contents and format:

  • Presentations of ongoing COSS forecasting projects, with an emphasis on verification and assessment
  • Round table discussions on (2) and (3) - see above objectives
  • Other coordination/scientific topics suggested by TT
  • Establishment of affiliated “geographic” groups (modelling the same or neighboring region(s))
  • Priorities for TT over the following year, and format of next meetings
  • Funds to meet – call for ideas, calls, bilateral cooperation, etc.
  • Geometry of the TT – suggestion of new members
  • Practical links with GOV + web site
  • Preparation of a special issue a year later


For further question about the workshop please contact the workshop organisers/COSS-TT co-chairs (Pierre De Mey or Villy Kourafalou) or the project office