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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts

(GODAE OceanView - COSS-TT workshop)

(Last web-update - 05 January 2012)

Download all available abstracts (in order of agenda) or click on the title links in the table below for individual download.


Participants (abstract title/download)

Surname First nameAffiliationAbdtract title
Type of presentation
 1AndroulidakisYannisUniversity of Miami/ RSMASParameterization of Outflows through Straits: The Dardanelles (Black Sea Outflow) Example Poster
 2AyoubNadiaCNRS / LEGOSData assimilation in the Bay of Biscay (North-East Atlantic): upstream research and link with operational oceanography - first steps Oral
 3BarthAlexanderUniversity of LiegeAssimilation of high-frequency radar currents in the Ligurian Sea Oral
 4BrennerSteveBar Ilan University/ University of MiamiOverview of Operational Forecasting and Coastal Monitoring in Israel  Oral
 5Bulhoes de MoraisCesar ReinertCHM (Brazilian Navy Hydrographic Center) - REMOImplementation of Tides and Cooper & Haines Method in HYCOM-CHM/REMO Regional Application Poster
 6ChaoYiJPLReal-Time Coastal Ocean Forecasting System Oral
 7CharriaGuillaumeIfremerPREVIMER, a French coastal ocean forecasting systemOral
 8DeMeyPierreLEGOSSeveral presetnations
 9De DominicisMichelaINGVAdvanced surface oil spill modelling: MEDSLIK-II model implementation and validationOra
10DiGiacomoPaulNOAARequirements for Global Implementation of the Strategic Plan for Coastal GOOS Oral
11DombrowskyEricMercator OceanGODAE OceanView : towards a long-term International program for ocean analysis and forecasting Oral
12DombrowskyEricMercator OceanThe IBI regional forecasting system in the North Esat AtlanticOral
13DufauClaireCLSAltimetry Data for Coastal Studies, the PISTACH products Oral
14GanJianpingHong Kong University of Science & TechnologyModeling Kuroshio-Seas Exchange and its Implication in Biogeochemical Transport in China Seas Oral
GarraffoZulemaNOAA / NCEPGlobal RTOFS model, and its use for regional and near coastal modeling at EMC Oral
16GarzoliSylviaNOAAThe global ARGO program Oral
17HalliwellGeorgeNOAA / AOMLDevelopment and Calibration of a Rigorous Fraternal Twin Ocean OSSE System in the Gulf of Mexico Oral
18HeRuoyingNCSU and WHOIExamples of Ongoing Coastal Forecast Activities off US. east coast: From Shelf-wide Circulation Forecast to Harmful Algal Bloom Prediction Oral
19HerzfeldMikeCSIROCoastal Near Real-time Modelling Initiatives in Australia Oral
20HiroseNickKyushu UniversityData assimilation Research of the East Asian Marine System Oral
HoganPatNRLEnsemble Ocean Forecasting in the Gulf of MexicoOral
Hogan & KourafalouPat, VillyNRL, University of Miami/ RSMASRegional and coastal forecasting in the Gulf of Mexico with HYCOMOral
22KourafalouVillyUniversity of Miami / RSMASSeveral presentations
23KurapovAlexOregon State University / COASData assimilation and forecasting in the coastal ocean off Oregon (US West Coast) Oral
24Le HenaffMatthieuU. Miami / RSMASDevelopment of coastal altimetry and perspectives for data assimilation in coastal domain Oral
25LiuQinzhengNMEFCChinese efforts on marine environment forecasting and disaster pre-warning Oral
MinnettPeterUniversity of Miami / RSMAS
Satellite measurements of sea-surface temperature Oral
27NakadaSatoshiKyoto UniversityCoupled land-ocean model for the coastal fisheries in a Region of Freshwater Influence (ROFI): A case study in Funka Bay Poster
28OddoPaoloINGVAdricosm Activities and other starting International projects in the Adriatic Sea Oral
29O'DeaEndaMet OfficeOperational Shelf Seas forecasting with SST data assimilation using NEMO-FOAM for the Northwest European ShelfOral
30OlivieraHugoREMOAn overview of the shelf and shelf/slope regional modeling initiatives along the Brazilian coast: the REMO contribution towards operational oceanography and environmental monitoringOral (TBC)
31ParisClaireUniversity of Miami / RSMASThree-dimensional modeling of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill blow-outOral (TBC)
32PatchenRichNOAA-NOSCoastal prediction at the NOAA National Ocean ServiceOra
33PicotNicolasCNESThe contribution of altimetry to monitoring and forecasting the coastal ocean Oral
34PinardiNadiaUniversity of Bologna / INGVThe Mediterranean Forecasting System and coastal forecasting: status and perspectives Oral
35RichmanJimNRLImpact of internal tides on regional ocean model boundary conditions Oral
36SrinivasanAshwanthUniversity of Miami / RSMASPropagating and Quantifying uncertainties in Ocean Simulations using Polynomial Chaos Expansions Oral
StanevEmilHZG (ex GKSS)Coastal Observing and Forecasting System for the German Bight. Estimates of Hydrophysical States Oral
38TamuraHitoshiJAMSTECEstimation of the radioactivity source information associated with the Fukushima accident by combined use of operational ocean forecast systems and field observationsPoster
39UsuiNohirisaMRI-JMAImproved representation of nearshore processes at the southern coast of Japan using a 4DVAR assimilation systemOral
40WalkoBobUniversity of MiamiRegional applications of the Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Model (OLAM)Oral
41ZhuJiangIAP/CASModeling and data assimilation in China marginal seasOral