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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts


(Joint GOV-WGNE Workshop on on Short- to Medium-range coupled prediction for the atmosphere-wave-sea-ice-ocean)

(Last web-update - 5 March 2013)

Download all available abstracts (pdf, 5 MB) or click on the title links in the table below for individual download or


(1) Observations

(2) Parameterisation

(3) Modelling

(4) Data assimilation

 Please compare agenda for presentation slots


 SurnameFirst nameAffiliationAbstract titleCategoryType of presentation
 1AikmanFrankNOAA/NOSNOS Coastal & Regional Operational Modeling(3)Cancelled
 2AkellaSanthaGMAO, GSFC, NASAAssimilation of Sea Surface Skin Temperature in GEOS-DAS(4)Oral
 3AksoyAltugCIMAS/University of Miami and NOAA/AOML/HRDOSSE Evaluation of Observing Strategies to Improve Atmospheric and Oceanic Model Initialization and Integration for Coupled Tropical Cyclone Forecasting(1)Oral (TBC)
 4ArnoldAlexMet OfficePlans and progress in short range coupled forecasts at the Met Office(3)Poster
 5CavaleriLuigiISMAR, ItalyWind waves in the coupled climate system(2)Oral
 6ChenChaingScience Applications International Corporation (SAIC)Simulation of an MJO Event in April 2011 using the NAVY Global Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Sea Ice Prediction System(3)Poster
 7ChenMingyueCPC/NCEP/NWS/NOAAAn Assessment of Prediction Skill of Weekly SSTs in NCEP CFSv2(3)Poster
 8ChenShuyiRSMAS/University of MiamiA Unified Air-Sea Interface in Fully Coupled Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Models(3) Poster
 9ChenSueNRLAir-sea Interaction Influence on the Intraseasonal Forecast of MJO initiation and propagation(3) Poster
10ChepurinGennadyUniversity of MayrlandThe application of global ocean reanalyzes to tide gauges observations(1) Poster
11DingYanNational Center for Computational Hydroscience and EngineeringDevelopment of a PC-Based Model for Predicting Cyclonic Wind, Wave, and Storm Surge(3) Poster
12DoyleJames DNRLOverview of the Navy’s Coupled Mesoscale Modeling System(3) Oral (TBC)
13FanYalinPrinceton UniversityOcean Surface Gravity Waves and Climate Modeling(2 & 3) Oral
14Fox-KemperBaylorBrown UniversityEstimates of the contribution of wind-waves in the coupled ocean-atmosphere climate system(2) Oral
15GetuAtalelUniversity of LisbonVariability in Bergen winter climate  Poster
16GhantousMalekSwinbourne University of TechnologyTurbulent Mixing in the Ocean by Non-Breaking Wind Waves(2 & 3)Oral (TBC)
17GuinevarchCatherineMet OfficeInitial assessment of short-range ocean forecasts from a coupled prediction system(3)Cancelled - poster to be presented by Alex Arnold
18HoganPatNRLGlobal Ocean Ensembles with HYCOM: A First Look (3)Poster
19HuZeng-ZhenClimate Prediction Center, NCEP/NWS/NOAAWeakened interannual variability in the tropical Pacific Ocean since 2000(1) 
20IbrayevRashitInstitute of Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of SciencesAtmosphere – land - seaice - ocean coupled model for global medium-range forecasts(3) Poster
21JacobsGreggNRLOcean time scale considerations in coupled cycling(4) Poster
22JanssenPeterECMWFDevelopment of a coupled atmosphere/ocean-wave/ocean system with application to Ensemble prediction and Monthly forecasting(3) Oral
23JohnsTimMet OfficeCoupled NWP Experiments with the Met Office Unified Model – Research Status, Hindcast Results and Role in Seamless Prediction(3)Cancelled - oral talk to be given by Ann Shelly
24KimHyun-SookIMSG/NOAAExamination of Sea Surface Temperature Potential Intensity in Hurricane Coupled HWRF Prediction System(2 & 3) Oral
25KrishnaK MuniAndhra UniversityRole of Ocean-atmospheric Teleconnections on Agulhas Retroflection using Simple Ocean Data Assimilation(4) Poster
26LaloyauxPatrickECMWFThe ECMWF Weakly Coupled Data Assimilation System(4) Oral
27LiZhijinJPL, NASAA Multi-Scale Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation Scheme and its Application to Regional Atmospheric and Oceanic Models(4)Poster
28MirouzeIsabelleMet OfficeDevelopment of a weakly-coupled data assimilation system at the Met Office(4)Poster
29MsadekRymNOAA/GFDLAssessing the seasonal forecast skill of Arctic sea ice extent in the GFDL prediction system(3)Poster
30MurtuguddeRaghuramUniversity of MarylandRegional Earth System Predictions(3)Cancelled
31NairTM BalakrishnanINCOISOperational Ocean-Wind Wave prediction and Real-time Observational System for Indian Ocean(1 & 3)Oral (TBC)
32NehrkornThomasAERCorrecting for Phase Errors in Variational Data Assimilation(4) Poster
33RitchieHalEnvironement CanadaMedium-Range Forecasts with the CONCEPTS Global Coupled Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Prediction System(3) Poster
34SanderyPaulBoMSampling the impact of an eddy-resolving SST boundary condition on synoptic timescale coupled ocean-atmosphere forecasting(3)Oral
35ShellyAnnMet OfficeUsing initialised case studies to assess the impact of an interactive ocean on MJO prediction(3)Poster/oral - see Tim Johns
36SmithGregoryEnvironment CanadaImpact of Sea Ice in the CONCEPTS Regional Coupled Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Prediction Systems(1 & 3)

37SolovievAlexanderNova Southeastern UniversityThe Air-Sea Interface and Surface Stress under Tropical Cyclones(2) Oral
38SunShanNOAA ESRLGlobal Coupled Atmospheric/Ocean Model for Climate and Seasonal Forecast(3) Poster
39TakayaYuheiJMADevelopment of atmospheric components for coupled NWP models: Lessons learned from practical experience at JMA(3) Poster
40TallapragadaVijayNOAAAdvancing NCEP Operational HWRF Using Three-Way Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave Coupled System for Improved Hurricane Predictions(3) Poster
41TolmanHendrikNOAANOAA coupled modeling, present and future plans(3) Oral
42VernieresGuillaumeNASA/SSAIMERRAocean: Description and Evaluation(4)
43WarnerJohnUSGSDevelopment and Applications of a Coupled-Ocean-Atmosphere-Wave-SedimentTransport (COAWST) Modeling System(3) Cancelled - oral talk to be given by Sandro Carniel
44YablonskyRichard MUniversity of Rhode IslandCritical Importance of Warm Ocean Eddy Location on Hurricane Intensity Forecasts: An Example Using a GODAE Ocean Analysis (3)  Poster