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Instructions for white paper contributions

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Instructions for contributors (also available as PDF)


After the workshop:

  • Updates to the whitepapers will be made available by the chair and secretary subsequent to the workshop.
  • Third version of whitepaper available for review by all contributors and reviewers by 26th April.
  • Final comments on this version to be submitted to chair and secretary by 17th May.
  • Final version submitted to peer reviewed journal by 31st May.

When making a contribution it is important to keep in mind:

  • Please keep your contributions clear and concise
  • Do not place significant attention on the introduction and conclusion
  • Please include citations

By clicking the corresponding email link(s) below to submit your abstract an automatic email window will be created with already pre-filled To/Cc fields and Subject line. When ready please just attach the revised word-doc to the email and send it.

The links in the table below automatically create an email (to/cc/subject). You only need to attach the revised white paper and send the email.

Observations Chair / Secretary:Chirs Fairall, CIRES/CU and Jim Cummings, NRL
Physical parameterisationChair / Secretary:Joao Teixeira, JPL/NASA and Baylor Fox-Kemper, CIRES/CU
ModellingChair / Secretary:Eric Chassignet, COAPS/FSU and Paul Sandery, CAWCR/ABOM
Data assimilationChair / Secretary:Craig Bishop, NRL and Matt Martin, Met Office










Before the workshop:

You are invited to contribute to the community whitepapers by returning a "track-changed" version word-doc to the chair and secretary of the relevant paper.

Contributions are welcome from the community regardless of whether they will attend the workshop or not.
  • First draft of community whitepapers are now available to download from the white paper website.
  • Contributions are being sought using tracked changes to the word document. Please include name, affiliation and email address in the first page of the document (just add this information to the existing list of names).
  • Submission process by email - please use email-links provided below, choosing the contacts (chair/secretary) related to your topic to submit your white paper revision.
  • Submission deadline for contributions: 1st February 2013.
  • Chair and secretary for each topic will collate and edit the submissions during February.
  • Second draft of whitepapers posted on website prior to the workshop: 1st March 2013.


Peer reviewed literature is preferred but other reports etc. can be accepted. If a citation is not readily accessible please gain permission for a copy of the article to be sent to the chair/sec. If a citation is in a foreign language please provide a translation to English. Where an issue relates to more than one area we encourage you to edit each of the relevant papers. If you have a contribution that does not fit in the paper format please append this after the references.