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Survey results

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Overview of responses from the joint GOV-WGNE workshop Survey

A survey was conducted in the run-up to the GOV-WGNE workshop to identify community interest in participating and contributing to the workshop and the associated white papers. Over 100 people completed the survey.

Survey results helped to understand the community interest in coupled predictions and whether such workshop would attract enough participation. The feedback to the survey was very strong with more than 80% of responses indicating an interest to take part in the workshop, and around 75% of responses showing an interest to contribute to the white papers as co-authors and/or reviewers, specifying the topic areas of the workshop.

In detail:

Workshop Participation

Percentage of people interested to take part in the workshop

Science backgrounds

Science background distribution


 White paper contributors

Percentage of people interested to contribute to the white paper(s)


The GOV-WGNE white papers are covering four areas of interest/topics, (a) Observations (OBS), (b) Numerical parameterisation (PA), (c) Modelling (MOD) and (d) Data assimilation (DA). Responses from the survey show the distribution of contributions to the white papers by topic. Some feedback couldn't be clearly linked to one of the four topics and have either been placed a mixed category (MOD & DA) or are not allcated. Results are showing a good representations of all topics: