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Venue & directions

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NCWCP building

This page provides information about


Venue & directions

The venue for the joint workshop will be the the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP), a newly built office & research complex close to the University of Maryland.

Address: 5830 University Research Court, Prince George's County, Riverdale, Maryland 20737


The NCWCP building is located in close proximity to the University of Maryland campus and connected to the Washington DC Metro System (nearest station is "College Park, University of Maryland") on the green line, 10-15 minutes walk.
A map of the surrounding area and the connection to the University of Maryland campus and Metro station can be viewed here.

The NCWCP building is a brand-new center opened in October 2012.  It is home to more than 800 employees of NOAA’s Center for Weather and Climate Prediction who provide a broad range of environmental services – from predicting the hurricane season and El Niño/La Niña to forecasting ocean currents and large-scale rain and snow storms.

Auditorium + rooms

An audorium seating more than 400 people and meeting rooms will be available as break-out rooms and/or for poster display.


Dinner/lunch arragenments

Dinner - Reservations at Franklin's for Wednesday night, 20 March between 18:30-20:30. The cost per person including gratuity and tax is $22.51 US for the basic buffet.  Any strict vegetarians may order an alternative off their regular menu. We will be on the 2nd floor, no elevator is available. Alcohol is extra. 

Lunches - will be provided at the workshop location (NCWCP), but are not free and need to be ordered. The opitions for lunch are:

  • Classic Sandwich $6.95+42 cents tax: Choice of freshly roasted turkey breast, Angus roast beef, honey ham, tuna salad, or grilled veggie on multi grain bread with lettuce and tomato (condiments on the side)
  • Specialty Sandwich $7.95+56 cents tax:
  • Classic Boxed Lunch $9.95 +60 cents tax: Choice of Classic Sandwich, bag of chips, signature side salad, and soda/water
  • Specialty Boxed Lunch $10.95+66 cents tax: Choice of Specialty Sandwich, bag of chips, signature side salad, and soda/water; Signature Side Salads: Potato Salad with Bacon & Jalapeno, Coleslaw, Pasta Salad

Details of choices are available from the KFS Catering menu.

Ice-breaker: On Tuesday evening an ice-breaker is planned with pizza and drinks for $10. It will start around 18:00/18:15 and goes until 20:00.


There are two international airports located close to the event venue: Washington Dulles International Airport and Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport.

BWI (Thurgood Marshall) is outside Baltimore. From Greenbelt it is 21 miles away and takes normally about 30 minutes. There is a public bus from Greenbelt, shared vans or taxis, or another good options would be Super Shuttle. Please check details for BWI Ground transportation. BWI does not have as many international connections as Dulles, but e.g. there is a daily British Airways flight to Heathrow from BWI.

Dulles (IAD) is in Virginia, 40 miles and 40-50 minutes from Greenbelt outside rush hour. It can take 1.5-2 hours during rush hour (weekdays 7-9 AM, 4-6 PM). One can take a bus to the Metro and take the Metro to Greenbelt. Please check details for Dulles Ground transportation.

A third alternative is to fly into New York and switch to a domestic flight to the National (Reagan) Airport (downtown DC). This airport is connected to the Washington metro and can take you to College Park or Greenbelt (info).


Some hotels offer shuttle buses to pick up guests from airports:

Transfer from Dulles Airport

- shared van Super Shuttle $39 one way to Greenbelt, MD Hilton

- public transit Washington Flyer to metro station ($10) then metro to Greenbelt or College Park, around $5,  perhaps 1 hour on metro

Transfer from BWI Airport

- shared van Super Shuttle $33 one way to Greenbelt, MD Hilton

- public transit B30 bus to Greenbelt, $6



Visitor parking is available. You need to provide your name to the the meeting organisers. Please contact Glenn White if you need parking for the workshop.



Concerning safety, there is the occasional robbery or mugging at or near Greenbelt/College Park, usually late at night. The Metro is generally quite safe, although there have been reports of people grabbing electronics and running off just as the doors open at the busiest stops.


Some more useful website:

- Washington Metro journey planning

- NCWCP (NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction)