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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts


(GODAE OceanView - Data Assimilation Workshop (DA-TT))

(Last web-update - 14 May 2015)

Download all available abstracts (pdf) or click on the title links in the table below for individual download or


Abstract categories (for oral and poster submissions):

 1Global Ocean data assimilation systems
 2Regional Ocean data assimilation systems
 3Error covariance modelling
 4Model error and bias
5Observation impact and sensitivity
6Hybrid data assimilation approaches in the ocean
7Data assimilation in coupled models



IDSurnameFirst nameAffiliationAbstract titleCategoryPresentation type
1Alonso BalmasedaMagdalenaECMWFThe bias correction scheme at ECMWF: the good and the no-so-good4Oral
2CummingsJamesNaval Research LaboratoryOverview of Ocean Data Assimilation Activities in support of the Earth System Prediction Capability at the Naval Research Laboratory7Oral
3KimYoung HoKorea Institute of Ocean Science & TechnologyAn assessment of ocean climate reanalysis by the Data Assimilation System of KIOST applying Ensemble Optimal Interpolation7Oral
4KingRobertMet OfficeThe impact of Argo on short-range coupled prediction7Poster
5LaloyauxPatrickECMWFThe ECMWF coupled ocean-atmosphere assimilation system7Oral
6LeaDanielMet OfficeThe Met Office Coupled Atmosphere/Land/Ocean/Sea-Ice Data Assimilation System7Oral
7MatearRichardCSIROReview of the Australian Global Data assimilation system1Oral
8   E-Reef biogeochemical data assimilation system update2Oral
10MooreAndyUniversity of California Santa CruzA Reanalysis and Near Real-Time Forecasting System in Support of the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS)2Oral
11   An Analysis of the Impact of the California Current Observing System on 4D-Var Circulation Estimates Spanning three Decades5Oral
12OddoPaoloCMREA High resolution assimilation experiment with dense observations in the coastal ocean west of Sardinia Island (Mediterranean Sea): Sensitivity analysis to error background, assimilated data and external forcing.5Oral
13PistoiaJennyIstituto Nazionale Geofisica e VulcanologiaAn improved data assimilation scheme for the Mediterranean Forecasting system3Oral
14RemyElisabethMercator OceanObservation impact studies with the Mercator-Ocean analysis and forecast systems5Poster
15SakovPavelBoMConstraining the mesoscale - how well are we doing?1Oral
16SperrevikAnn KristinNorwegian Meteorological InstituteImpact of 4D-Var assimilation of hydrography on cod egg transportTBCPoster
17StortoAndreaCMCCAn overview of data assimilation activities at CMCC1Oral
18TeruzziAnnaOGSVariational data assimilation of open sea and coastal chlorophyll in the Mediterranean Sea operational forecast system2 / 5Oral
19TestutCharles-EmmanuelMercator-OceanTowards an error covariance modeling using ensemble statistics for the Mercator-Ocean reanalysis and forecasting system : application to a regional configuration3Oral
20UsuiNorihisaMeteorological Research Institute / JMADevelopment of a four-dimensional variational assimilation system in the western North Pacific2Oral
21VidardArthurInriaGlobal 1° 4D-var ocean reanalysis, is it worth the pain?1Oral
22   Wavelet based representation of observation error covariance3Oral
23VukicevicTomislavaCMCCEnsemble data assimilation with a high resolution regional model for the Italian seas2Oral
24WeaverAnthonyCERFACSRepresenting correlation operators using an implicitly formulated diffusion equation solved with the Chebyshev iteration3Oral
25   A general hybrid formulation of the background-error covariance matrix for ensemble-variational ocean data assimilation6Oral
26WhileJamesMet OfficeThe Met Office's new analysis system for diurnal SSTTBCPoster
27YanChangxiangInstitute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesRegional ocean data assimilation system in the Indian-Pacific oceans2Oral