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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts


Joint DA-TT / OSEval-TT  Meeting , La SPezia, Italy

(Last web-update -  3 October 2017)


On overview of all abstracts submitted to this workshop is available as pdf.


Abstract categories (for oral and poster submissions):

DA-TT related topics listed by cat/ session no:

DA / 1Recent developments in global and regional ocean data assimilation systems
DA / 2Error covariance modelling
DA / 3
Hybrid variational/ensemble data assimilation
DA / 4
Coupled data assimilation


 OSEval-TT related topics listed by cat / session:

OSEval / 5
Requests and requirements of assessing present and future observation networks
OSEval / 7
Method development: network design


 Joint DA/OSEval topics listed by cat/ session:

 Joint / 6
Assimilation of new/novel observation types
 Joint / 8
Recent studies of observation impacts, sensitivity, and assessments of observation networks
 Joint / 9
Impact of physical data assimilation on unassimilated variables/processes, e.g. vertical velocities, vertical mixing



NoFirst nameSurnameAffiliationAbstract titlePresentation typeCategory
1Hernan G.ArangoRutgers University4D-Var Observation Impacts and Sensitivities in the Mid-Atlantic BightoralJoint / 6
2RossellaArcucciUniversity of Naples Federico IIScalable Data Assimilation algorithms based on Domain Decomposition approachesoralDA /1
3Joao MarcosAzevedo Correia de SouzaCICESEDevelopment of a Gulf of Mexico reanalysis – the road towards a Mexican ocean operational forecast systemposterposter
4AntonioBonaduceMercator OceanImpact of wide-swath altimetry missions to ocean analysis and forecasting system in the Iberian-Biscay-Ireland (IBI) regionoralOSEval / 5
5Kai HakonChristensenNorwegian Meteorological InstituteModeling the circulation in the Kattegat and SkagerrakoralDA / 1
6MarcinChrustECMWFEnsemble-variational assimilation with NEMOVAR Part 2: experiments with the ECMWF systemoralDA / 3
7PierreDe MeyLEGOS/CNRSStochastic Coastal/Regional Uncertainty Modelling and Array Design: insights from ensemble sensitivity/consistency experimentsoralOSEval / 7
8YosukeFujiiJMA/MRICurrent Status of Tropical Pacific Observing System 2020 project and the Request to the Ocean Data Assimilation CommunityoralOSEval / 5
9YosukeFujiiJMA/MRIRecent Development of Ocean Data Assimilation Systems and Recent Observing System Evaluation Studies in JMA/MRIoralOSEval / 7
10FlorentGasparinMercator OceanSignificant contribution of operational oceanography for an Integrated and More Sustainable Atlantic Ocean Observing (AtlantOS)oralOSEval / 5
11GeorgeHalliwellNOAA/AOML/PhODQuantitative Impact Assessment of Ocean Observations on Tropical Cyclone Prediction and Ocean Monitoring: Results from a New, Rigorously-Validated OSE-OSSE SystemoralJoint / 6
12YoungHoKimKIOSTDevelopment of the KIOST regional ocean prediction system : OPEM (Ocean Predictability Experiment for Marine environment)oralDA /1
13RobertKingMet OfficeProfile, altimeter and SST data assimilation in an operational shelf-seas model - Met Office FOAM-Shelf version 9oralDA / 1
14AlexanderKurapovOregon State UniversityThe US West Coast Ocean Forecast System: skill assessment and data assimilationoralDA / 1
15DanielLeaMet OfficeAssimilation using large scale EOF error covariancesoralDA / 2
16YunLiNMEFCData Assimilation of Argo profiles in Northwest Pacific ModeloralDA / 1
17MatthewMartinMet OfficeRecent developments in global ocean data assimilation using NEMOVAR at the Met OfficeoralDA / 1
18MatthewMartinMet OfficeCoordinated observing system experiments to assess the impact of satellite sea surface salinity dataoralOSEval / 5
19ShuheiMasudaJAMSTECInfluence of the Deep NINJA float data on a deep ocean state estimationoralJoint / 6
20IsabelleMirouzeCMCCA model for generating atmosphere forcing perturbationsoralDA / 3
21AndrewMooreUniversity of California Santa CruzA comparison of 4D-Var and an Ensemble Adjustment Kalman Filter applied to the California Current systemoralDA / 3
22AndrewMooreUniversity of California Santa CruzReduced-rank array modes of the California Current ocean observing systemoralJoint / 6
23PaoloOddoCMREOn-going, real-time hybrid varianional data assimilation at the CMREoralDA / 3
24PeterOkeCSIRORoutine monitoring of the Argo arrayoralOSEval / 5
25IvoPasmansOregon State UniversityEnsemble-variational data assimilation in the coastal ocean circulation model off Oregon-Washington (at the US West Coast)oralDA / 3
26IvoPasmansOregon State UniversityWhy gliders appreciate good company: glider assimilation in a 4DVAR system with and without surface observations.posterposter
27ShastriPaturiIMSG at NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMCThree-dimensional Variational Ocean data assimilation using NCODAoralDA / 1
28AryaPaulINCOISAnd then there were shocks!!!oralJoin / 6
29Marie-HeleneRioCLSImpact of using an improved Mean Dynamic Topography on the Mercator-Ocean analysis and forecasts.oralJoint / 3
30TatianaRykovaCSIRODevelopment of a relocatable forecast system for defence applicationsoralJoint / 9
31AndreaStortoCMCCComparing variational methods aware of model error evolution for long-term ocean applications with OceanVaroralDA / 1
32AndreaStortoCMCCConstraining the global ocean heat content through the use of CERES derived TOA Energy Imbalance estimatesposterposter
33AnnaTeruzziOGSA multi-data variational assimilation scheme of BGC-Argo and satellite data into the CMEMS Mediterranean biogeochemical modeloralJoint / 8
34Charles-EmmanuelTestutMercator OceanRecent advances in the Mercator-Ocean reanalysis system: Application to an Arctic configurationoralDA / 1
35ArthurVidardInriaImproving the mathematical consistency of a coupled model solution with coupled data assimilationoralDA / 4
36ArthurVidardInriaAssessment of approximate 4D-Var schemes for ocean reanalysisoralDA / 1
37LiyingWanNMEFCThe Global Ocean Forecasting System in the NMEFC and its Intercomparison with the GODAE OceanView IV-TT Class 4 metricsoralDA / 1
38AnthonyWeaverCERFACSEnsemble-variational assimilation with NEMOVAR. Part 1: formulation, algorithms and illustrative examplesoralDA / 3
39HaoZuoECMWFUse of in-situ observations in ECMWF's Ocean (Re)analysis systemoralJoint / 6