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Registration and abstract submission


Joint DA-OSEval-TT meeting, 11-13 October 2017

CMRE, La Spezia, Italy



Visitor information (CMRE - NATO organisation)

As we are organsing the meeting to take place at CMRE all meeting attendees must complete the CMRE visitor registration forms before the meeting:

  1. CMRE Request for Visit form 
  2. Visitor Statement on Security Policy

These two forms should be properly filled in by all the participants and returned to CMRE as soon as possible depending on your country's NATO membership.

Deadlines for returning the forms:

Non-NATO state citizens: 7 July 2017 - no longer possible

NATO state citizens: 15 August 2017

The details on the form will be checked and admittance to the venue will only be granted when the access is approved beforehand. Non-NATO state citizens have to allow a longer approval period and need to submit the visitor form early while citizens of NATO states have to submit their form by mid August at the latest.

Further details are available from the CMRE calling notice.


Registration is now OPEN

The deadline for registration is 15 July 2017 (only NATO country citizens can now register).

Abstracts should be submitted using the registration form.


Submit your abstract

The abstract submission deadline has now CLOSED.

When submitting your abstract please make sure that you indicate which session category your abstract refers to

  • DA-1, DA-2, DA-3 and/or DA-4
  • OSE-1 and/or OSE-2
  • Joint-1, Joint-2 and/or Joint-3

(see below)

Also please indicate your preference for oral or poster presentation.

This is a joint event for attendees from the different communities (Data Assimilation (DA) and Observing System Evaluations (OSEval) to meet and exchange on topics related to their specific area as well as on topics relevant for both communities.


 DA-TT related topics:

DA-1Recent developments in global and regional ocean data assimilation systems
DA-2Hybrid variational/ensemble data assimilation
DA-3Error covariance modelling
DA-4Coupled data assimilation


 OSEval-TT related topics:

OSE-1Requests and requirements of assessing present and future observation networks (it includes projects such as TPOS2020, H2020 AtlantOS in Europe, SMOS/Aquarius, SWOT, CFOSAT, ...),
OSE-2Method development: network design (optimisation of the coverage), diagnostics such has DFS, FSOI…


 Joint DA/OSEval topics:

 Joint-1Assimilation of new/novel observation types
 Joint-2Recent studies of observation impacts, sensitivity, and assessments of observation networks
 Joint-3Impact of physical data assimilation on unassimilated variables/processes, e.g. vertical velocities, vertical mixing



The joint meeting will take the form of separate sessions on targeted topics specific to each individual TT, and plenary sessions on broader topics that are of interest and relevance to both Task Teams.

The meeting is intended to be a mix of oral presentations, open discussion, and poster presentations.

The meeting organisers invite contributions to the workshop in the form of

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation

To register for the workshop at the CMRE (Centre for Marine Research and Experimentation) in La Spezia, 11-13 October 2017,  and to submit your abstract(s) please complete the


Registration fees

We are making an effort to find sponsors for this meeting but cannot yet confirm this. Therefore we may need to ask attendees for a registration fee. Information about the registration fee will be provided as soon as possible.


Special events - Ice-breaker reception

We are plannig to organise an ice-breaker reception at a hotel in the area. Date, time and cost still to be confirmed.