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GODAE OceanView - GSOP- CLIVAR workshop 2011

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Workshop on Observing System Evaluation and Intercomparisons

 Where:University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), California, USA
 When:13-17 June 2011
 Duration:5 Days

Peter Oke (Co-chair of OSEval -TT, CSIRO)
Magdalena Balmaseda (CLIVAR-GSOP, ECMWF)
Matt Martin (Co-chair IV -TT, Met Office)
Jim Cummings (GODAE OceanView, NRL)
Andrew Moore (UCSC, local organiser)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (GODAE OceanView coordinator, Met Office)


This workshop was initiated by the co-chairs of the GODAE OceanView Task Teams on
- Observing System Evaluation (OSEval-TT)
- Intercomparison and Validation (IV-TT)


Workshop participants - June 2011


Meeting report

The meeting report has now been published (September 2011) and is available from the document section of this website.



The purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on ocean data assimilation and ocean forecasting. The workshop is intended to be a mix of oral presentations, open discussion, and poster presentations. Oral (and poster) presentations will be invited on:

  • data assimilation methods
  • observing system evaluation activities (OSEs, OSSEs, etc)
  • routine monitoring/validation of ocean analysis and forecast systems
  • inter-comparisons (of short-range and seasonal forecast systems)
  • validation (of forecasts and hindcasts).

Applications of interest include short-range forecasting (GODAE OceanView), seasonal to decadal forecasting (CLIVAR), and reanalyses (GODAE OceanView and CLIVAR GSOP); global and regional applications; in operational and research environments.

Some specific goals of the workshop include:

  • demonstration of the value of in situ and satellite observations on short-term, seasonal and decadal forecast systems
  • review and inter-comparison of class 4 metrics from operational short-range forecast systems
  • linking inter-comparison and monitoring activities within GODAE OceanView to those of CLIVAR.

Expected outcomes of the workshop:

  • status report on ocean data assimilation systems
  • status reports on OSE and Intercomparison experiments
  • updated workplans for OSE and IV Task Teams in GOV
  • improved collaborations between GOV and CLIVAR