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List of submitted workshop presentations/abstracts

(GODAE OceanView - GSOP - CLIVAR workshop on observing system evaluation and inter-comparisons)

(Last web-update - 28 June 2011)

Download all abstracts (in order of agenda) from here.


Participants (abstract title/download)

Name SurnameAffiliation Abstract title
Abstract requestAbstract downlaod
 1MarioAdaniINGVQuality Assessment of a 1985–2007 Mediterranean Sea ReanalysisOralPdf
OscarAlvesCAWCR/Bureau of Meteorology2.1 An ensemble ocean data assimilation system for seasonal prediction and its comparison with other state-of-the-art ocean reanalyses
2.2 Salinity Initialisation and Seasonal Prediction
2.3 Towards coupled data assimilation in an intraseasonal-seasonal ensemble forecast system
 OralPdf (2.1)
Pdf (2.2)
Pdf (2.3)
 3MagdalenaBalmasedaECMWFThe NEW ORA-S4 ECMWF ocean reanalysisInvited speakerPdf
 4BernardBarnierLEGI-CNRS GrenobleGLORYS - the French reanalysis effortInvited speakerPdf
 5CraigBishopNRLRecent advances in ensemble data assimilationInvited speakerPdf
 6GaryBrassingtonBureau of MeteorologyOceanMAPS version 2 - what did we get from this upgrade ?OralPdf
 7JimCummingsNRLStatus of Global HYCOM/NCODA Analysis Forecast SystemInvited speakerPdf
 8ChrisEdwardsUCSC, USA
The UCSC California Current System Data Assimilative Ocean Modeling System OralPdf
 9YosukeFujiiMRIObserving System Experiments for Seasonal time scalesInvited speaker
StephanieGuinehutCLSCombination of in-situ and satellite observations to monitor the Global Ocean StateOralPdf
11FabriceHernandezIRD/Mercator OceanThe new 1/12° global forecasting system at Mercator in the framework of MyOceanOralPdf
 PatHoganNRL(see Jim Cummings)Oral (to be shared with Jim Cummings)see Jim Cummings
12MelanieJuzaCNES-INSUContribution of regions not sampled by the Argo array to the variability of the global ocean heat contentPosterPdf
13AlexandreKurapovUCSC, USAAdvances in regional forecast systemsInvited speakerPdf
GillesLarnicolCLSNew diagnostics to assess the impact of satellite constellation for (sub)mesocale applicationsOralPdf
DanLeaMet Office, UKFOAM observing system evaluation (OSE) experiments in near-real timeOralPdf
Inferring meridional heat transport through meridional volume transport of the AMOCOralPdf
AvichalMehraNCEP/NWSA Real-time Operational Global Ocean Forecast SystemPosterPdf
18IsabelleMirouzeCERFACSRepresentation of correlation functions using a one-dimensional implicit diffusion equation, with application to variational ocean data assimilationOralPdf
19AndrewMooreUCSC, USA"Recent advances in variational data assimilation" or "Methodology for observation impact assessment"Invited speakerPdf
20BaluNadigaLANLModel Bias Correction in Ensemble Ocean Data AssimilationOralPdf
21BalakrishnanNairINCOIS, IndiaReal-time and delayed mode validation for Indian Ocean Forecasting System (INDOFOS) OralPdf
22TerenceO'KaneCSIRO, AustraliaPredicting the East Australian CurrentOralPdf
PeterOkeCSIRO, Australia23.1 Design and Assessment of the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System
23.2 Metrics for quantifying observation impact in data assimilation: application to the TOPAZ pilot reanalysis
 OralPdf (23.1.)
Pdf (23.2.)
24MichelleRieneckerNASA/GSFC/GMAOThe GMAO Ocean Retrospective AnalysisOralPdf
25GregorySmithEnvironment CanadaEvaluation of CONCEPTS Ice-Ocean Forecasting SystemsOralPdf
26VladimirStepanovESSC, UKThe impact of EN3 and RAPID data assimilation on the change of heat balance in the Atlantic (to be presented by Keith Haines)OralPdf
27AndreaStortoCMCC, ItalyThe CMCC experience in the context of Global Ocean reanalysesOralPdf
28ClementeTanajuraUFBAA Sensitivity Study of Short-Range Forecasts over the Atlantic METAREA V with HYCOM and the Cooper and Haines Scheme Using Different Sea Surface HeightsOralPdf
29ClementUbelmannCALTECH/JPLOSSEs to evaluate the impact of the future SWOT assimilated data in a regional coastal modelPosterPdf
WeaverCERFACS, France
Uisng ensembles in variational assimilation
Invited speaker
31YanXueNOAAOperational monitoring of climate indicesInvited speakerPdf
32JiangZhuIAP/CAS, ChinaCoupled assimilation of both atmospheric and oceanic observations for ENSO prediction using an intermediate coupled modelPosterPdf
33HanZuoESSC, UKAssimilation impacts on Arctic Ocean circulation, heat and freshwater budgets (to be presented by Keith Haines)PosterPdf