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List of confirmed meeting attendees


(GODAE OceanView - GSOP - CLIVAR workshop on observing system evaluation and inter-comparisons)

(Last web-update - 28 June 2011)


Role at meeting
Peter Oke
CSIRO, Australia
TT-Co-chair (OSEval), workshop organiser
Matt Martin
Met Office, UKTT Co-chair (IV), workshop organiser
Magdalena Balmaseda
Workshop organiser
4Jim CummingsNRL, USAWorkshop organiser
Andrew Moore
Local workshop organiser
6Kirsten Wilmer-BeckerMet Office, UKGODAE OceanView Co-ordinator, organiser

Registered attendees (fee paid)

Name SurnameAffiliation Presentation requestWorkshop interest
 7MarioAdaniINGVOralI am interest in ocean data assimilation tools for re-analysis and forecast initialization
 8SanthaAkellaNASA/GSFC/GMAOOralCollaboration on advances in ocean data assimilation for climate applications
 9OscarAlvesCAWCR/Bureau of Meteorology OralOcean and coupled data assimilation
10BernardBarnierLEGI-CNRS GrenobleInvited speaker
GSOP member
11EricBaylorNOAA/NESDIS/STARNoneWorking on Ocean OSSE for NOAA
12CraigBishopNRLInvited speakerInvited presentation
13HansBonekampEUMETSATNoneGOVST member Interest in satellite observation requirements
14GaryBrassingtonBureau of MeteorologyOralObservational requirements for operational ocean forecasting, Observational designs/strategies for the mesoscale with applications for emergency events e.g., SAR and Oil spills, a common set of monitoring tools for OOFS, optimal methods for data assimilation and initialisation
15ChrisEdwardsUCSC, USA
 OralOcean Observing, ocean dynamics, data assimilation
JeromeFiechterUCSC, USA
 NoneData assimilation in coupled physical-biological models
17YosukeFujiiMRIInvited speaker
OSE activities and intercomparison of the data assimilation systems
StephanieGuinehutCLSOralInterest in global ocean state estimates, model/observations comparisons
GigabHaKesti, South Korea
NoneDevelopment of marine forecastig system
20KeithHainesReading University, UKOralGSOP co-chair
21EdHarrisonNOAA/PMELNoneObserving system indices and observing system development
22FabriceHernandezIRD/Mercator OceanOralCo Chair of the GOV IV-TT
PatHoganNRLOral (shared with Jim Cummings)Member of the GOVST Steering Team Committee
24MelanieJuzaCNES-INSUPosterObserving Systems
JasonJohKesti, South KoreaNoneBuilding of ocean prediction modelling system
26AlexandreKurapovOregon State UniversityInvited speakerInvited speaker
27GillesLarnicolCLSOralCo-leadership of the OSE/OSSE Task Team
28DanielLeaMet OfficeOralOperational data assimilation (FOAM). OSEs
OralClimate ocean reanalysis evaluation and observing system design
30EricLindstromNASA, USA
 NoneGODAE OceanView Patrons' Group Co-chair
31AvichalMehraNCEP/NWSPosterOcean Forecast Systems
32IsabelleMirouzeCERFACSOralany component of data assimilation for ocean
33BaluNadigaLos Alamos National Lab (LANL)OralDeveloping ocean data assimilation system for (POP) Parallel Ocean Program
34BalakrishnanNairINCOIS, India OralTo understand the global status of operational Ocean forecasting systems and to make a presentation on the observational network for the real time and delayed mode validation of the Indian Ocean forecasting system
35TerenceO'KaneCSIRO, AustraliaOralOcean data assimilation / ensemble prediction
SchillerCSIRO, Australia
 NoneGODAE OceanView Science team co-chair
37GregorySmithEnvironment CanadaOralIntercomparison of global ocean data assimilation systems and the development of Class 4 metrics
KevinSmithUCSC, USANoneRelevant to PhD research with Andy Moore
39PollySmithUCSC, USA None
Postdoc working with Andy Moore on weak constraint 4D-Var data assimilation in ROMS
40HajoonSongUCSC, USANoneOcean states estimation
New assimilation technique
41AndreaStortoCMCC. ItalyOralData assimilation developments and observation impact
42ClementeTanajuraUFBAOralLearn more about data assimilation systems and correct metrics for intercomparison of short-range forescast to improve REMO´s participation in GODAE OceanView
43ClementUbelmannCALTECH/JPLPosterTo present some preliminary results of high-resolution altimetric data assimilation in a twin experiment context
WeaverCERFACS, France
Invited speaker
To participate in the review of state-of-the-art operational ocean data assimilation
45YanXueClimate Prediction Center/NCEPInvited speakerOcean reanalysis comparison
Ocean monitoring products
46JiangZhuIAP/CAS, ChinaPosterExchange ideas, have