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List of workshop presentations (13 - 17 June 2011)


* Invited speakers

Introduction presentations
Purpose of meeting / meeting forum etc.
Peter Oke, CSIROppt (0.5 MB)
GODAE OceanView, OSEval-TT and IV-TT (Andreas Schiller)
Peter Oke, CSIROppt (10 MB)
Keith Haines, University of Reading, ESSCpdf (2 MB)

Recent advances in forecasting systems
Presentation title
NCODA Variational Ocean Data Assimilation System
U.S. Navy Global Ocean Prediction Update
Jim Cummings*, NRL
Pat Hogan, NRL
ppt (13.5 MB)
ppt (9 MB)
GLORYS - The French reanalysis effort
Bernard Barnier*, LEGI-CNRS
ppt (24 MB)
The NEW ORA-S4 ECMWF ocean reanalysis
Magdalena Balmaseda*, ECMWF
ppt (4.5 MB)
Contribution of regions not sampled by the Argo array to the variability of the global ocean heat contentMelanie Juza, CNES-INSU (poster presentation)pdf (0.2 MB)
OSSEs to evaluate the impact of the future SWOT assimilated data in a regional coastal model
Clement Ubelmann, CALTEC/JPL (poster presentation)
A Real-time Operational Global Ocean Forecast SystemAvichal Mehra, NCEP/NWS (poster presentation)
ppt (2.5 MB)
Assimilation impacts on Arctic Ocean circulation, heat and freshwater budgets
Hao Zuo, University of Reading, ESSC (poster presentation)
pdf (3.2 MB)
The impact of EN3 and RAPID data assimilation on the change of heat balance in the AtlanticVladimir Stepanov, University of Reading, ESSC (poster presentation)pdf (0.2 MB)
Coupled assimilation of both atmospheric and oceanic observations for ENSO prediction using an intermediate coupled modelJiang Zhu, IAP/CAS (poster presentation)gif (0.2 MB)

Data assimilation methods
Presentation title
Accounting for ensemble variance inaccuracy with Hybrid Ensemble 4D-VAR
Craig Bishop*, UCSC
ppt (7.5 MB)
Using ensembles in variational assimilation
Anthony Weaver*, CERFACS
pdf (0.5 MB)
The new 1/12° global forecasting system at Mercator in the framework of MyOcean
Fabrice Hernandez, Mercator Ocean
ppt (80 MB)
Predicting the East Australian CurrentTerry O'Kane,CSIROpdf (5.5 MB)
Representation of correlation function using one-dimensional implicit diffusion
Isabelle Mirouze, CERFACS
pdf (1.5 MB)
Towards coupled data assimilation in an intra-seasonal ensemble forecast systemOscar Alves, CAWCRppt (3 MB)
Model Bias Correction in Ensemble Ocean Data AssimilationBalu Nadiga, Los Alamos National Laboratoy
pdf (7.5 MB)

OSEs and OSSEs
Presentation title
GODAE OV OSEval Work Plan (OSEs/OSSEs)
Gilles Larnicol, CLS
ppt (0.5 MB)
Ocean Observing System Evaluation for Seasonal/Decadal prediction
Yosuke Fujii*, MRI/JMA
ppt (10 MB)
Assessing the Information Content and Impact of Observations on Ocean Circulation Estimates using 4D-VAR
Andy Moore*, UCSC
ppt (3 MB)
Metrics for quantifying onservation impact in data assimilation: application to the TOPAZ pilot reanalysis
Peter Oke (for Pavel Sakov), CSIROppt (4 MB)
New diagnostics to assess the impact of satellite constellation for (sub)meso-scale applications
Gilles Larnicol, CLS
ppt (3.5 MB)
FOAM observing system evaluation (OSE) experiments in near-real time
Daniel Lea, Met Office
ppt (17 MB)
Salinity initialisation and seasonal prediction
Oscar Alves, CSIROppt (2 MB)
The UCSC California Current System Data Assimilative Ocean Modeling SystemChris Edwards, UCSCpdf (2 MB)
Design and Assessment of the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System
Peter Oke, CSIROppt (4 MB)

OSE/OSSE Breakout Summaries
GODAE OceanView aspects
Peter Oke, CSIRO (oral presenation)ppt (0.2 MB)
CLIVAR aspects
Magdalena Balmaseda, ECMWF (oral presenation)ppt (0.1 MB)

Inter-Comparisons and validation (IV)
Presentation title
Fabrice Hernandez , Mercator Ocean
ppt (0.3 MB)
Comparative Analysis of Upper Heat Content Variability from Ensemble Operational Ocean Analyses
Yan Xue*, NOAA
ppt (4 MB)
The data assimilation component of the real-time coastal ocean circulation forecast system off Oregon
Alexandre Kurapov* , USU/COAS
ppt (17 MB)
Inferring meridional heat transport through meridional volume transport of the AMOC
Tong Lee, JPL/NASAppt (1 MB)
A Sensitivity Study of short-range Forecasts over the Atlantic METAREA V with HYCOM and the Cooper Haines Scheme using different sea surface heights
Clemente Tanajura, UFBA
ppt (2 MB)
Quality Assessment of a 1985 - 2007 Mediterranean Sea ReanalysisMario Adani, INGV
ppt (9 MB)
Combination of in-situ and satellite observations to monitor the Global Ocean StateStephanie Guinehut, CLS
ppt (11 MB)
OceanMAPS version 2 - what did we get from the upgrade?Gary Brassington, BoM
ppt (35 MB)
The CMCC experience in the context of Global Ocean reanalyses
Andrea Storto, CMCC
ppt (3 MB)
An ensemble ocean data assimilation system for seasonal prediction and its comparison with other state-of-the-art ocean reanalysis (PEODAS)
Oscar Alves, CAWCR
ppt (8 MB)
Real-time and delayed mode validation for the Indian Ocean Forecasting System (INDOFOS)Balakrishnan Nair, INCOISpdf (4 MB)
Evaluation of CONCEPTS Ice-Ocean Forecasting SystemGregory Smith, Environment Canada
ppt (8 MB)
The GMAO Ocean Retrospective AnalysisSantha Akella, NASA/GSFC/GMAO
pdf (6.5 MB)

Intercomparison and validation (IV) Breakout Summaries
GODAE OceanView aspects
Matt Martin, Met Officeppt (0.3 MB)

Community Engagement
Observation Impact Statements    
Peter Oke, CSIRO
ppt (0.2 MB)
GODAE OceanView and CLIVAR working together (Metrics)
Keith Haines, University of Reading, ESSC   ppt (0.8 MB)
Framework for Ocean ObservingEric Lindstrom, NASApdf (8 MB)

Community engagement Breakout Summaries
Group A
Gary Brassington (Peter Oke), BoM (CSIRO)pdf
Group B
Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSATppt (0.2 MB)

Overall Summary sessions
Implications for engagement with stakeholders and policy makers           
Peter Oke/Gary Brassington, CSIRO/ BoM
GODAE OSEval outcomes
Peter Oke, CSIROdoc
GODAE OV IV outcomesMatt Martin, Met Officedoc (0.1 MB)
CLIVAR GSOP outcomesMagdalena Balmaseda, ECMWFppt (0.1 MB)
Meeting report summary and adoptionKirsten Wilmer-Becker, Met Office  
ppt (4 MB)