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Intercomparion and Validation - Task Team Workshop (IV-TT WS)

Montreal, Canada, 20-22 September 2016


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1.0Meeting objectivesFabrice HernandezMercator Ocean


1. Class-4 Evaluation Updates

2.0Review of Class-4 results over 2014/15Greg Smith /Fabrice HernandezEC / Mercator Ocean
3.0Update on UK Met Office Class-4 EvaluationsAndy RyanMet Office
4.0Update on Mercator Ocean Class-4 EvaluationsCharly RegnierMercator Ocean
5.0Update on BoM Class-4 Evaluations (~ 10 MB)Prasanth DivakaranBoM
6.0Update on CONCEPTS Class-4 Evaluations(~ 14.5 MB)Jinshan Xu/ Fraser DavidsonDFO
7.0Update on NOAA Class-4 EvaluationsTodd SpindlerIMSG/NOAA


2: Future direction of Class-4 Intercomparion

8.0Extension to sea ice concentrationGreg Smith/Jinshan XuEC/DFO
9.0Sea ice evaluationsCharly RegnierMercator Ocean
10.0Extension to surface driftFabrice HernandezMercator Ocean
11.0Discussion on Class-4 IntercomparisonGreg Smith /Fabrice HernandezEC / Mercator Ocean


3: Evaluations by new members of the IV-TT

12.0The US Navy’s Current and Future Sea Ice Forecast CapabilitiesPam PoseyNRL
13.0Methods used by the NWP Community (JWGFVR)Greg SmithEC
14.0Applying Multi-Model Superensemble Methods to Global Ocean Operational SystemsTodd SpindlerIMSG/NOAA
15.0First steps toward ensemble ice ocean forecasting for CONCEPTS and Mercator(~ 6 MB)Kristjan OnuEC


4: New approaches: Ensemble methods and verification of Coupled Forecasts

16.0Development of Metrics for Coupled Prediction SystemsHal RitchieEC
17.0Update on Class-1 intercomparison activityFabrice HernandezMercator Ocean
18.0Biogeochemical assessmentsKatja FennelDalhousie University