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MEAP-TT Workshop 2015


MEOPAR/ GOV Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Workshop and MEAP-TT Meeting

 Where:Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
 When:23-24 June 2015 (open workshop) & 25 June 2015 (invitation only)
 Duration:2 days + 1 day

Katja Fennel (Co-chair of the MEAP-TT, Dalhousie University, Canada)
Marion Gehlen (Co-chair of the MEAP-TT, LSCE, France)
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker (GODAE OceanView coordinator, Met Office, UK)

Announcement status:

Forth announcement (agenda & full abstracts) 3 June 2015



MEOPAR/MEAP-TT workshop group photo

MEOPAR/MEAP-TT Workshop Group Photo


Download the MEAP-TT Workshop report



The focus of this Task Team is on developing the underpinning science and tools which will eventually enable full integration of biogeochemistry and, ultimately, ecosystems in existing physical operational systems. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of the biogeochemical observing systems, assimilation and modelling of Essential Biogeochemical Variables (EBV) and bridging the gap with end-users. This is an area of growing interest.

The integration of new models and assimilation components for ocean biogeochemistry and marine ecosystem monitoring and prediction is required to bridge the gap between the current status of the GODAE capabilities and new applications in areas such as fisheries management, marine pollution and carbon cycle monitoring. Although in the foreseeable future the focus of this Task Team will be on biogeochemistry and the lower trophic level it is anticipated that scientific advances in these areas will foster closer collaboration with ecosystem research in the medium to long term.

Following the outcome of a first IMBER-GODAE working group established in 2007, the Marine Ecosystem Analysis and Prediction Task Team (MEAP-TT) has been established with the goal to define, promote and coordinate actions between developers of operational systems and experts in biogeochemical, respectively ecosystem modeling, in tight connection with IMBER.

The Halifax workshop will provide the opportunity for the GOV operational groups to meet and share plans regarding biogeochemical applications of operational oceanography and to discuss the strategic direction and work plan of the team.


Expected attendance  (open workshop):

  • All MEAP-TT members
  • GOV TT co-chairs and potentially other TT members
  • Representatives from international research groups representing green operational oceanography
  • Representatives from GOV national groups involved as well as their close collaborators in the field of the MEAP-TT



For further question about the workshop please contact the workshop organisers/MEAP-TT co-chairs Katja Fennel and Marion Gehlen or the project office.


The workshop is sponsored (partially)

by the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network, Canada (MEOPAR)



MEOPAR is the Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network, a Canadian initiative aiming for improved capabilities for mitigating, adapting and responding to marine environmental risks on timescales from hours to decades (www.meopar.ca).