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Data & products

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Project data & products


Data collection and investigation of El Niño 2015/16

  1. Description and format of project baseline product data sets related to the El Niño 15/16 event
  1. Investigation of the onset, evolution and impact of the El Niño 15/16 event using in-situ and satellite measurements

During the project the team will collect a complete set of measurements that can be used to fully describe the 2015/16 El Niño event. It is recognized that not all measurements and data collected will be required for the OSE in subsequent tasks. A suitable database will store and host all data (input and output) related to the SMOS-Niño15 project (including OSE model outputs, satellite and in-situ data etc.).

Project members will have access to the data products to be used for the SMOS-Nino15 study via ftp (period covered: 2014 - early 2016)

L3 SMOSv2 (LOCEAN), SMAP V2.0, Aquarius V4.0 and L4a_weekly_SMOS_Ifremer

More information about the data sets are available from the project News page.


OSE experiments

  1. Implentation of the OSE and production of a complete set of metrics (based on the GODAE OceanView OSEval-TT community best practice) to evaluate the impact of satellite SSS during the El Niño 15/16 event.
  1. Validation of OSE implementation before operational system testing (at Met Office and at Mercator Ocean systems)
  1. Analysis of OSEs



  1. Outcomes will be documented through project reports and journal articles

This will include outputs from a scientific analysis to investigate and document El Niño 2015/2016 event specially focusing on the origin, role and impact of SSS variability in the process.


Further output information can be found on the Documents page.




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