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List of project deliverables


RefShort NameTitleDate DueResponsible
D-10wwwSMOS-Niño15 web portalKO+2 (every month)Met Office
D-20FIGHigh quality graphicsK0+24 (Final meeting)CLS
D-30WebsWeb stories for the SMOS-Niño15KO+6, KO+12, KO+18, KO+23All
D-40DBSMOS-Niño15 database (DB) of all data products used in the project (password required, if you need access please contact CLS)K0+6CLS
D-50TR-1Technical Report (TR-1) “SMOS-Niño15 baseline product data set description, format and data access interface" (final version)"Draft at KO+9
Final version at Final Presentation"
D-60TR-2Technical Report (TR-2) “The onset, evolution and impact of the 2015/16 El Niño event using satellite and in situ measurements” that may be written in the form of a peer reviewed journal article (final version)Draft at MTR (mid-term review) and final version at Final PresentationCLS
D-70TR-3Technical Report (TR-3) “Observing System Experiment (OSE) to test the impact of satellite SSS for the 2015/16 El Niño event”KO+ 9Met Office
D-80TN-1Technical Note (TN-1) “Implementation and validation of the SMOSNiño15 OSI to test the impact of satellite SSS for the 2015/16 El Niño event following GOVST community consensus best practices"KO+ 18Mercator Ocean
D-90TR-4Technical Report (TR-4) “Observation Impact Statement Report on behalf of the GOVST OSEVal-TT for satellite SSS during the El Niño 2015/16 event”KO+ 21Met Office
D-100TN-2Technical Note (TN-2) “GODAE Ocean View refined requirements for SMOS SSS products”KO+ 21Mercator Ocean
D-110Paper1Submitted SMOS-Niño15 journal article #1KO+ 23Mercator Ocean
D-120Paper2Submitted SMOS-Niño15 journal article #2 (under review at Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society - QJRMS)KO+ 23Met Office
D-130Paper3Submitted SMOS-Niño15 journal article #3 (in prepration for submission to the Journal of Operational  Oceanography - JOO)KO+ 23?
D-140WKPSMOS-Niño15 final workshopKO+21CLS
D-150PROCSMOS-Niño15 workshop proceedingsKO+23CLS
D-160SRSMOS-Niño15 Scientific RoadmapKO+23Mercator Ocean
D-170FRSMOS-Niño15 Final ReportKO+23Mercator Ocean
D-180TDPSMOS-Niño15 Technical Data PackageKO+23CLS
D-190MRSMOS-Niño15 Executive monthly progress report and actions database (may be part of the MR)Monthly, for the full duration of the project on the 1st day of each calendar monthCLS






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