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Percentage difference in RMS error The percentage difference in RMS error of experiments assimilating different satellite SSS products in the FOAM system compared to experiments only assimilating the standard observing systems. Errors are assessed by comparing model forecast salinity values to near-surface Argo salinity data. A positive difference implies a reduction in RMS error by the SSS assimilation.

Experiments shown: SMOS (red); SMOS+Aquarius (blue); Aquarius (green); SMAP (yellow); SMOS+SMAP (cyan). All experiments assimilate the standard observations used in FOAM (SST, SLA, T/S profiles, sea-ice concentration).


    Project Workshop

The ESA SMOS-El-Nino15 project will hold a short workshop during the ESA Salinity Conference in Paris (6-9 Nov 2018) to present results.  The outcome from the 2-year project will show that assimilating SSS from space (see also the latest web-story) with an appropriate bias correction is able to have a positive impact on the salinity RMSE in two different ocean forecasting systems.

This project continues and extends the work of the GODAE OceanView Observing System Evaluation Task Team (OSEval-TT) by providing an Observation Impact Statements (OIS) to contribute to the better understanding of suitable observation operators required by the assimilation system(s) and a more complete understanding of how to utilise SSS.


Conference presentations

Oral presentations

E. Hackert - GMAO/NASA (invited talk): Impact of Aquarius and SMAP Sea Surface Salinity Observations on Coupled ENSO Forecasts


Poster presentations

E. Bayler - NOAA-NESDIS: The Path to Operational Satellite Sea-surface Salinity Data Assimilation at NOAA

C. Tanajura – UFBA: A Preliminary SSS Assimilation Experiment Into HYCOM With the REMO Ocean Data Assimilation System

E. Hackert - GMAO/NASA Goddard: Impact of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Observations on ENSO Predictions from the GMAO S2S Forecast System