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Special Issues

BAMS publication

Better Informed Matione Operations and Management: Multi-disciplenary efforts in ocean forecasting research for socio-economic benefit

Andreas Schiller, Fraser Davidson, Paul DiGiacomo and Kirsten Wilmer-Becker

Online publication 18 October 2016


Cover - GOV special issue


GODAE OceanView Special Issue publication in the Journal of Operational Oceanography

Volume 8, supplement 1, May 2015

Volume 8, supplement 2, October 2015


Part 1 & part 2 of the GODAE OceanView (GOV) Special Issue have now been published in the Journal of Operational Oceanography (JOO). It illustrates GOV’s progress in the past 5 years and highlights its achievements. The presented papers cover a variety of themes related to GOV, i.e. observing systems; global, regional and coastal forecasting systems; data assimilation; impact of observations on ocean forecasts; forecasting system intercomparisons; biogeochemistry/ eco-system modelling; coupled systems, services & applications and an outlook to the future of international operational oceanography.

The GOV guest editors are Mike, Bell, Andreas Schiller, Neville Smith, Zdenka Willis and Keith Haines.

Part 1 and part 2 of the Special Issue includes the following papers:


NoPaper titles - part 1 GOV Special Issue
 Lead authorCo-authors
1An Introduction to GODAE OceanViewMike BellA. Schiller, P.-Y. le Traon, N.R. Smith, E. Dombrowsky and K. Wilmer-Becker
3Use of satellite observations for operational oceanography: recent achievements and future prospectsPierre-Yves Le TraonD. Antoine, A. Bentamy, H. Bonekamp, L.A. Breivik, B. Chapron, G. Corlett, G. Dibarboure, P. DiGiacomo, C. Donlon, Y. Faugère, J. Font, F. Girard-Ardhuin, F. Gohin, J.A. Johannessen, M. Kamachi,G. Lagerloef, J. Lambin, G. Larnicol, P. Le Borgne, E. Leuliette, E. Lindstrom, M.J. Martin, E. Maturi, L. Miller, L. Mingsen, R. Morrow, N. Reul, M.H. Rio, H. Roquet, R. Santoleri and J. Wilkin
4Status and future of data assimilation in operational oceanographyMatthew MartinM. Balmaseda, L. Bertino, P. Brasseur, G. Brassington, J. Cummings, Y. Fujii, D.J. Lea, J.-M. Lellouche, K. Mogensen, P.R. Oke, G.C. Smith, C.-E. Testut, G.A. Waagbø, J. Waters and A.T. Weaver
 5Assessing the impact of observations on ocean forecasts and reanalyses: Part 1, Global studiesPeter OkeG. Larnicol, Y. Fujii, G.C. Smith, D.J. Lea, S. Guinehut, E. Remy, M. Alonso Balmaseda, T. Rykova, D. Surcel-Colan, M.J. Martin, A.A. Sellar, S. Mulet and V. Turpin
 6Assessing the impact of observations on ocean forecasts and reanalyses: Part 2, Regional applicationsPeter OkeG. Larnicol, E.M. Jones, V. Kourafalou, A.K. Sperrevik, F. Carse, C.A.S. Tanajura, B. Mourre, M. Tonani, G.B. Brassington, M. Le Henaff, G.R. Halliwell Jr. , R. Atlas, A.M. Moore, C.A. Edwards, M.J. Martin, A.A. Sellar, A. Alvarez, P. De Mey and M. Iskandarani
 7The Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison Project (ORA-IP)Magdalena BalmasedaF. Hernandez, A. Storto, M.D. Palmer, O. Alves, L. Shi, G.C. Smith, T. Toyoda, M. Valdivieso, B. Barnier, D. Behringer, T. Boyer, Y-S. Chang, G.A. Chepurin, N. Ferry, G. Forget, Y. Fujii, S. Good, S. Guinehut, K. Haines, Y. Ishikawa, S. Keeley, A. Köhl, T. Lee, M.J. Martin, S. Masina, S. Masuda, B. Meyssignac, K. Mogensen, L. Parent, K.A. Peterson, Y.M. Tang, Y. Yin, G. Vernieres, X. Wang, J. Waters, R. Wedd, O. Wang, Y. Xue, M. Chevallier, J-F. Lemieux, F. Dupont, T. Kuragano, M. Kamachi, T. Awaji, A. Caltabiano, K. Wilmer-Becker and F. Gaillard
 8GODAE OceanView Class 4 forecast verification framework: global ocean inter-comparisonAndy RyanC. Regnier, P. Divakaran, T. Spindler, A. Mehra, G.C. Smith, F. Davidson, F. Hernandez, J. Maksymczuk and Y. Liu
 9GODAE OceanView Inter-comparison for the Australian RegionPrasanth DivakaranG.B. Brassington, A.G. Ryan, C. Regnier, T. Spindler, A. Mehra, F. Hernandez, G.C. Smith, Y. Liu and F. Davidson
 10Coastal Ocean Forecasting: system integration and evaluationVilly KourafalouP. De Mey, M. Le Hénaff, G. Charria, C.A. Edwards, R. He, M. Herzfeld, A. Pascual, E.V. Stanev, J. Tintoré, N. Usui, A.J. van der Westhuysen, J. Wilkin and X. Zhu
 11Coastal Ocean Forecasting: science foundation and user benefitVilly KourafalouP. De Mey, J. Staneva, N. Ayoub, A. Barth, Y. Chao, M. Cirano, J. Fiechter, M. Herzfeld, A. Kurapov, A.M. Moore, P. Oddo, J. Pullen, A. van der Westhuysen and R.H. Weisberg
 12Building the capacity for forecasting marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems: recent advances and future developmentsMarion GehlenR. Barciela, L. Bertino, P. Brasseur, M. Butenschön, F. Chai, A. Crise, Y. Drillet, D. Ford, D. Lavoie, P. Lehodey, C. Perruche, A. Samuelsen and E. Simon
 Paper titles - Part 2 of the GOV Special IssueLead authorCo-cauthors
1The current status of the real-time in situ global ocean observing system for operational oceanographyDavid Legler & Howard FreelandR. Lumpkin, G. Ball, M. J. McPhaden, S. North, R. Cowley, G. Goni, U. Send and M. Merrifield
2Status and future of global and regional ocean prediction systemsMarina TonaniMagdalena Balmaseda, Laurent Bertino, Ed Blockley, Gary Brassington, Fraser Davidson, Yann Drillet, Pat Hogan, Tsurane Kuragano, Tong Lee, Arichal Mehra, Francis Paranathara, Clemente A. S. Tanajura, Hui Wang
3Recent progress in performance evaluations and near real-time assessment of operational ocean productsFabrice HernandezEdward Blockley, Gary B. Brassington, Fraser Davidson, Prasanth Divakaran, Marie Drévillon, Shiro Ishizaki, Marcos Garcia-Sotillo, Patrick J. Hogan, Priidik Lagemaa, Bruno Levier, Matthew Martin, Avichal Mehra, Christopher Mooers, Nicolas Ferry, Andrew Ryan, Charly Regnier, Alistair Sellar, Gregory C. Smith, Sarantis Sofianos, Todd Spindler, Gianluca Volpe, John Wilkin, Edward D. Zaron, Aijun Zhang
4Progress and challenges in short- to medium-range coupled predictionGary BrassingtonMJ Martin, HL Tolman, S Akella, M Balmeseda, CRS Chambers, E Chassignet, JA Cummings, Y Drillet, PAEM Jansen, P Laloyaux, D Lea, A Mehra, I Mirouze, H Ritchie, G Samson, PA Sandery, GC Smith, M Suarez and R Todling
5Synthesis of new scientific challenges for GODAE OverviewAndreas SchillerMike Bell, Gary Brassington, Pierre Brasseur, Rosa Barciela, Pierre De Mey, Eric Dombrowsky, Marion Gehlen, Fabrice Hernandez, Villy Kourafalou, Gilles Larnicol, Pierre-Yves Le Traon, Matthew Martin, Peter Oke, Gregory C. Smith, Neville Smith, Hendrik Tolman, Kirsten Wilmer-Becker