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Assimilation characteristics

The table below describes the assimilation methods and assimilated variables, the GODAE oceanView systems are employing.

SystemAssimilation SchemeSSTSSHOther

latest update from 2014

WindSAT, NAVO (AVHRR), NOAA-18, MetopA,, NOAA-19

AMSR-E, Pathfinder, NAVO
Jason2, Cryosat-2, SARAL/AltiKa IGDR data streams

Along-track altimetry (all altimeters)
Adaptive Non-linear Dynamical Initialisation (T,S,u,v,η)

Regional: 5km analysis grid

Global 10km

Gulf of St Lawrence: Ice: Direct insertion of RadarSAT image analyses from the Canadian Ice Service
Canadian Meteorological Centre SST Analysis (0.2 deg OI)AVISOCoriolis/CLS (in situ T&S) as well as sea ice data from satellite sources (AMSR, AVHRR, MODIS, Radarsat) and ship reports.
ECCO groupAdjoint, Kalman filter/smoother, Green’s functionAMSR-E, TMI, AVHRRAlong-track TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason1 & -2, ENVISAT, GFO, ERS-1 & -2, tide gaugesXBT, CTD, Argo, TOGA-TAO, SSM/I (sea ice), GRACE, scatterometers, sea surface salinity, Florida Current transport

latest update from 2014
NEMOVARNOAA OI v2 1x1 weekly, and OSTIA since 2010AVISO along track sea level anomalies and global mapsXTB,CTD,Argo,Moorings from the EN3 (XBT corrected) data set until 2010 and from the GTS thereafter

latest update from 2014
NEMOVAR (3DVar-FGAT)GHRSST data including AVHRR from NOAA and MetOp. Also in situ surface data from ships, moored buoys and drifting buoysAlong-track satellite altimeter data from Aviso, including Jason-2 and Cryosat-2 dataAll available in situ temperature and salinity data including XBTs, Argo, CTDs, moored buoys, gliders, marine mammals; SSM/I sea-ice concentration data from EUMETSAT OSI-SAF
HYCOM/NCODA GOFSNavy Coupled Ocean Data Assimilation (NCODA): 3DVARNOAA-18, NOAA-19, METOP-A, METOP-B, GOES-13, GOES-15, MSG, COMS-1, MTSAT-2, WindSAT, NPP-VIIRS, drifting buoys, fixed buoys, ships (ERI, bucket, hull contact)Jason-2, Altika, Cryosat-2In situ profiles, (Argo, gliders, XBTs, fixed and drifting buoys, CTDs), sea ice concentration (SSM/I, SSMIS).
INDOFOS3D-Var (GODAS)Weekly Reynolds SST (GODAS)AVISO (HyCOM)T,S profiles (ARGO, XBT, XCTD, moored buoys) in GODAS
Mercator Ocean"Mercator Assimilation System” version 2 (SAM-2), reduced-order Kalman filter based on the SEEK formulation with a 3DVAR bias correction for temperature and salinityReynolds AVHRR 0.25° SSTSSALTO/DUACS along track SLA (AVISO), Mean Dynamic Topography constructed with CNES_CLS09 MDT and GLORYS reanalysisin-situ T/S profiles from Coriolis GDAC. CORA data base for reanalysis; sea-ice concentration from CERSAT

latest update from 2014
3DVAR (OCEANVAR)L4 daily maps Only nudging (variational assimilation)L3 Along track sub-sampled data (every second point)XBTs, Argo, CTDs. GLIDER are pre-operational; L3 Chl maps (5 days mean)
MOVE/MRI.COM3DVAR (Global, North Pacific), 4DVAR (Western North Pacific, Japan Area, Seto-Inland Sea) with EOF decomposition, quasi-Newton methods, FGAT, a bias correction scheme and variational dynamic QCMGDSST (JMA-GHRSST product), COBE-SST for GLBJason-2 (realtime operation) T/P, Jason 1,2, ERS-1,2, ENVISAT, GFO, Crysosat-2 and SARAL (hindcast)Argo, TAO/TRITON, GTS (T/S), SSS from Aquarius, SIC from SSM/I

EnOI, 3DVar and nudging or nudging only

Ensemble OI



Reynolds SST
sea level anomaly from CLS, including Jason-1, Jason-2, HY2 and Cryosat-2 data. T/PT&S Argo profiles, XBT
REMOEnOI and Cooper and Haines OSTIADUACS/AVISO, Atoba-CLS gridded data with 1/8, 1/12 resolutionNone

latest update from 2014
DEnKF (Sakov and Oke 200*)OSTIAAlong track SLA from CLSSSM/I (ice-concentration) from EUMETSAT, T&S profiles from MyOcean Arctic in-situ TAC (incl Argo, CTD and ITPs)