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System set-up

The table below describes the forecast range the GODAE OceanView systems can deliver as well as their update frequency and hind cast length.

SystemForecast rangeUpdate frequencyHindcast length

latest update from 2014
7 days (OFAM2)Daily, 4-cycle system4 days

Renalysis, 4 day hindcast (1992-2010)
CONCEPTS10 daysDaily (regional)2002-present
ECCO group

latest update from 2014
Different ranges: 18-days (daily), 32-days (weekly), and 7-months (monthly)Daily for the real time

Every 10-days for the delayed product
19570901 to present

latest update from 2014
7 daysDaily2-day hindcast every day
HYCOM/NCODA (GOFS)7 daysDaily4 days
INDOFOS5 daysDaily (ROMS)1 day (ROMS)
Mercator Ocean
Weekly for a 2-week forecast (respectively a 1-week forecast)  with PSY2 and PSY3 (respectively PSY4 and BIOMER4)

Every day a 1-week forecast is produced with PSY2, PSY3 and PSY4 and a 5-day forecast with IBI36
Analysis is produced every week and the forecasts are updated every day taking into account the update of the atmospheric forcing2-week of hindcast are produced every week

latest update from 2014
10 daysDaily (MFS-currents), twice a week (MFS-biogeochemistry)24hr (once a week 15 days ) for MFS-currents, 7-days MFS-biogeochemistry
MOVE/MRI.COMWestern North Pacific: 30 days; Global (CGCM for seasonal-ElNino forecast): 7 months5 daysGlobal & North Pacific (1948-2014+), Western North Pacific (1993-2014+), Japan & Seto (2014+)
NMEFC7days, 5 days, reanalysis (monthly)Daily, twice daily1 day
REMO6 day (Regional 1/4)
5 days (Regional 1/12)
4 days (Regional 1/24)
Daily, analysis every 5 daysNone
RTOFS8 days (Global)
6 days (North Atlantic) 
5 days (North Atlantic, East Pacific and Western North Pacific)
Daily and 6 hourly2-day spin up from Navy initialisation

latest update from 2014
10 daysWeekly assimilation (with daily udpate of atmospheric forcing)1 week